6 Awesome Tips to Choose a Good Domain Name

6 Awesome Tips to Choose a Good Domain Name

How to choose a good domain name? This question arises in everyone’s mind at the very start of creating a blog or website. Choosing a domain name is as important as choosing your webhost, designing your website and earning through Google Adsense. A wrong domain may land you in trouble, small or big, depending on the domain name you have chosen. Below is a list of few important points to be considered while choosing any domain name.

Choosing Domain Name

1. Single Word Domain Name

Although its difficult to find a popular or eye catching single word as your domain name, if you can do so, you may be a step ahead of your competitor. These types of domains are easy to remember and help in promoting the brand name. Even these are easy to type. Others can spread the presence of your website on internet easily through word of mouth. Also try to make your domain name a unique one.

2. Domain name related to your website content

The domain name should describe the main aim of the website. It should be easily understood without any further explanation. Try to get top rated keywords in your domain name. Well it is not that necessary but, keyword-rich domains may help in getting SEO in some cases- like if anyone is searching for ‘budget phones’ and your website name is budgetphones.com, then it is sure to get indexed in the search engines.

3. Make it easy to remember

Domain with meaningful words and names are powerful and easy to remember. If you are unable to find a single word domain name representing your brand then go for two or three words but it should be easy to remember. For example, recently I visited a website by name ismyblogworking.com. Even though the length of the domain name is too long but it’s also easy to remember.

4. Domain extension matters

As of June 2013, there were 115 million .com domains, 15 million .net and 10 million .org domains. Many internet users assume that there is a .com at the end if the extension is not mentioned. So, choosing .com, one of the TLD ( Top Level Domain ), is a great idea.

5. Avoid confusing domain names

Using dashes in domain names helps search engines to easily identify the words of your domain and we humans too. But it may be a killing idea to promote your website. If a website name is x-y-z.com and you want to refer it to your friend, then you need to say x dash y dash z dot com. Else he/she may land at your competitor’s site. Even using numbers can create this confusion. ab2cd.com may be mistaken as abtocd.com.Also avoid using plurals like infotechs instead of infotech which create confusion. So before proceeding to take these type of domains, think twice!

6. Avoid copyright infringement

Do not use top brand name keywords in your domain names like facebookpic or googletea. This may lead to copyright infringement and legal issues. If you are buying the domain from its owner, make sure it has white & fair history. Also check if there are bad links associated with that domain in google by using the ‘link’ function as link:yoursitename

Feel free to disregard any of the above tips:

All the above tips are just for your consideration before choosing a domain name. You may agree with few of them and disagree with other. You need not stick to all of them. Decide what is perfect to you and your brand.

Still have any doubts? Or do you have some more tips with you? Eagerly waiting for your comments!

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2 thoughts on “6 Awesome Tips to Choose a Good Domain Name”

  1. Problem is that most of the domains are already registered and most of them are not in use anymore they are just registered getting a keyword domain name these days is the most difficult task…

    • Ya, its really difficult to find a domain containing a keyword. And for the same reason, it is very much needed to extra care while choosing domain name as the good ones have already gone.
      Well thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

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