5 Tips to Make Your Email Look Great

Tips to Make Email Look Great

Whether you are a blogger, a digital marketer, or just a person who enjoys online communication, the art of writing great emails is what you should never forget about. And with 269 billion emails sent every day, you should somehow ensure that yours stand out.

So let’s look below at 5 tips on making your emails both attention-grabbing and visually delightful.

Tips to Make Email Look Great

1. Pick a catchy & relevant subject

Make the subject concise, clear and to the point. Let it be relevant to the content of your email. Email marketers suggest keeping it short, roughly up to 40 characters. This way it won’t be cut off by mobile email clients.

You can also experiment with your subject line by adding emoji. It will most likely make your email more eye-catching and fun-promising. Still, you should think whether this would be appropriate with all your potential recipients.

2. Keep it human

As Dale Carnegie pointed out, the sweetest sound to a person is her own name. Make sure you know your recipient by name. If you don’t, you should research — or ask.

You can use anything that you know about the person to make the conversation more human, whether it’s their location, job position or a specific hobby. The general rule is to write to a single person, not to a list of people.

Not to forget the most important — be polite. It has always worked well in any kind of communication.

3. Enhance readability with fonts

Avoid non-standard fonts, as well as mixing them in a single email. On the contrary, standard serif-sans fonts like Verdana, Tahoma, Open Sans, Helvetica, or even Arial will make the text more readable.

Your font size should be big enough as well; make sure it is no less than 13 pixels. Bigger fonts might work even better. Of course, your headlines must look larger than the main text.

4. Use images

Make your emails both interesting to read and pleasant to look at. Liven up your content with images. There are plenty of what you can use: stock photos, branded images, gifs, or internet memes with a custom caption. There are lots of free resources for this, such as pixabay.com, picjumbo.com, giphy.com, Meme Generator, to name a few.

Make sure that your images are all color consistent. If you have a logo, consider it being the reference point of your color palette.

5. Customize your signature

Whether you are promoting your brand or yourself as a professional, a finely crafted signature can be a powerful instrument of both conversion and engagement. Adding your contact information in the signature invites recipients to stay in touch with you. Placing a link to your latest blog post, scientific article, app or design will raise awareness of your work. You can find great examples of email signatures here. By the way you can use NewOldStamp and get a customized one for free.

People cherish their time and won’t spend it on something either not useful or not interesting. That’s why you are fighting for a person’s attention with every email of yours.

So put an effort into it — with a great subject, catchy images, readable fonts, your human voice, and a nice signature. Make sure your emails are visual and personal — this will help you win over a potential client, partner, or a valuable connection.

108 Unique Ideas to Write Blog Posts

Blogging Ideas

In blogosphere, you may have seen ‘101 blogging ideas’ or ‘101 awesome blog post ideas’. For a change now here is ‘108 blogging ideas’. As you know that flowing in of constant ideas to write blog posts is essential for success of a blog. It is these ideas which make a blog’s content useful or worst. Well  I’m not here to discuss why you should always come up with fresh ideas for your blog. If you are reading this post you may already know it. 🙂

Who Should Read This Post?

  • If you have been writing blog posts with jet speed then you will surely at a point of time dry up with no ideas coming out further. This post will help them.
  • Newbie bloggers/ bloggers yet to start will gain a visualization of what they will be going to write in future.
  • Experienced bloggers, though they are very expert in evoking new and fresh ideas, may also find it useful. However successful they may be but they too stick to the same basics to generate stream of ideas that make up their blogs. Frankly speaking, this post should be a good read to anyone who maintains or wants to maintain a blog.

Blogging Ideas


Here  I  discuss few ideas on which blog posts can be written and few ideas/tips to generate ideas by yourself.

“If you give a man 10 Rupees it will not remove his poverty, but if you make him know how to earn that 10 Rupees it should remove his poverty.”

The same applies here. Blogging ideas will help you write few posts but how to get that blogging ideas will make you an idea generating machine 🙂 . So knowing how to get a blogging idea is equivalent to a blog post idea itself (or even more). So, the post title “108 Unique Ideas to Write Blog Posts” you will find as justified. Now without diverting from the topic at hand, let’s begin with the ideas. First the ideas and then how to get those ideas.

Ideas to Write Great Blog Posts

1. Clear the air on a topic on which there is confusion among people or blogging community.

2. Write on the present popular topics.

3. Research on a particular topic on internet. Now extract all the good and useful information and create your own short and high quality post.

4. Watch youtube videos or any other videos and convert them onto your blog posts.

5. When the whole world is writing positive about a topic,why not try writing negative on the same ? Same stands true for writing positive on a topic while others see only the negative part.

6. Write tutorials posts as many people like to know about something in a step by step manner and in parts than getting all the information in a single post.

7. Write reviews about the company/companies whose products you use frequently.

8. Write on tools and resources you depend upon or find them useful.

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9. Write on best free applications and softwares online.

10. Be a part of some developer team of some product, app or utility and provide your insights on the research in your blog posts.

11. There is a lot of experience you had between the time you started blogging till you master it. Initially you struggle with blogging but finally start playing with it. Share your experiences with your readers.

12. Why not write something from the history of your blog niche. Something like the famous blogger then, how he made it or famous blogging topic then or something related.

13. Write a post providing all the links of your blog’s popular posts.

14. You may even consider writing a blog post with links to your favorite posts of other blogs or websites.

15. Write a post containing only your own photos, self created photos or photos by your friend artist. Pictures speak better than words.

16. Interview some of the top figures or experts of your blog niche and share it on your blog.

17. Write a post on whom to follow on facebook, twitter, google+ and other social networking sites. This list may include top bloggers, your favorites, helpful persons on social media etc.

18. If you cannot think of any idea to write blog post, why not let others write for you ? Try guest posts on your blog.

19. Write a post on case study of something you did and enjoyed. This can be on the better performance among two plugins, an seo tactic, better themes etc.

20. Why every time clarify the doubts of your readers ? Why not write a post asking doubts and getting more close to your readers with their awesome answers.

21. People like FREE stuffs. Write posts providing something free or about some free to use stuff.

22. Don’t stick only to text based posts. You can use photos, cartoons (animation), audio, videos as your blog posts.

23. Everyone likes reading stories. I too 🙂 . You may write a short story of your own, fictional or historical and share it with your readers.

24. Write a post on the tasks or changes you are going to implement on your blog.

25. Write post on what others say about your blog(s).

26. Convert your popular and favorite posts into PDFs. Now share the download link(s) of these PDF files along with their description through a blog post.

27. Write posts on unknown facts that only few know.

28. Write a huge post similar to “108 Unique Ideas to Write Blog Posts”.

29. Write about the secrets of success of people in your blog niche.

30. Write on theoretical things related to your blog- can we write a post which when read from left to right gives one answer and which when
read from right to left gives an another answer ?

31. Write on the things you want to do before you die. Create your creative list and inspire others.

32. Write a post on Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) of your blog.

33. Take out a sheet of paper and write a post on your own handwriting legibly. Then take a photo of it and publish in your blog.You can include coloured texts,your own style and cartoons too.

34. List out few inspirational quotes related to your blog niche in a post. It inspires the reader to take up blogging and encourage co-bloggers to go high in blogging.

35. Write a beginner’s guide to blogging. What challenges people face when starting blogging.

36. Write a blog post on the things you don’t know About Me.

37. Write a post to let your readers know how you make money online.

38. Write a post listing out the worst posts of your blog.

39. Post a serious joke- I’m quitting blogging and shutting my blog tomorrow.

40. List out all your guest posts, your interviews on other blogs and the posts featuring your name.

41. Travel to some wonderful place and share it through your blog. Travelling a mile is better than reading hundreds of miles of words on internet!

42. Write on a thing you are expert on.

43. Many native readers have problem understanding the articles of foreign authors. Visit such websites, read them, understand them and rewrite them in your blog in easy terms.

44. Start writing an ebook and give it as a gift to your readers.

45. Write a post with list of top blog posts of this year on the internet.

46. Write on best comments or emails you have got this year.

47. Write on your success and failures as a webmaster, content creator and content marketer.

48. Write a post on important dates of history of your niche.

49. Share your content marketing secrets.

50. Create a diary section on your blog and publish your day-to-day activities.

51. Write on blog security issues.

52. Create a list of most successful social media posts you have seen.

53. Write on how to customize a 404 page in a better way. A customized 404 page can have a list of popular posts, about you or even some interesting game.

54. Create your  list of top websites of every niche on the internet.

55. Write a post showing your analysis on how few sites have changed since they started using internet archives or other tools.

56. You can even rewrite or make an update to your old post(s).

57. Write post on the techniques you follow monetize your blog effectively.

58. Let your readers know the figures of your blog like blog traffic, blog revenue, number of readers etc.

59. Review another blog and express what you feel (good or bad) about the blog.

60. Create a list of your favourite affiliate programs.

61. Write about a software or an application you would like to have though not present know.

62. Post on how to manage your blog at all circumstances.

63. Share your experience on the new update to a software or application.

64. Explain your readers few difficult concepts using screencasts.

65. Create a dictionary of all the small and big terms of your blogging niche.

66. Write a how to guide to get started with some social media site.

67. Write a post conducting surveys and polls on your blog.

68. Post on the interesting and humorous keywords visitors use to visit your blog.

69. Write on what you gave up to become successful or what you will give up to become more successful.

70. Inspire other bloggers for a debate through your questions and comments.

71. Write a letter to your childhood on how far you have become successful in your field.

72. Show your readers few twitter updates, facebook updates and other social media updates of your blog.

73. Write on importance of time management, frequent posting, engaging with audience etc.

74. Tell your readers about your strategy towards seo in a simple way.

75. Write comparison posts between companies, softwares, books, courses etc.

76. Share your experience regarding attending any webinars, conferences.

77. Write some inspirational posts to boost up your readers and other bloggers.

78. Write few definition posts of your niche elaborating each and every point.

79. Create a list of 100 things you can do when you are bored.

80. Write on how one can easily develop a specific skill.

81. Provide list of those books and tutorials you benefitted greatly.

82. If you can’t write long blog posts like this one, why not create a list of top 101 blog post ideas from other blogs?

How to Get Blog Post Ideas

83. Read comments on your blog and other blogs too. A great way as far as I know. 🙂

84. Get in touch with latest news by newspapers, news portals, top blogs/bloggers, newsletters, rss feeds etc.

85. Find the presently trending topics using Google Trends, Alexa Trends, tv channels etc.

86. Interact more with your audience and get to know about their problems, questions and suggestions. Write on those topics.

87. Don’t only stay in present. Think about the near future and the topics which may get wide consideration then even though not popular now.

88. Social media is a great door to get amazing ideas for blog posts.  Spend quality time there and analyze what’s popular there, what people are sharing and you will get what you need!

89. Many create blogs of their interest and related to their academic study. Concentrate little more on your academics and go in depth of it. Now whenever you get to know something new or amazing
academic knowledge share it through your blog.

90. Participate in forum discussions and question answer websites, and clear doubts of users and ask your doubts. You are sure to get amazing blog post ideas there.

91. The following general headings of blog articles may give rise to some ideas in your mind.

  • Difference between something.
  • Pros and cons of something.
  • List of useful things.
  • How to do something or how you did something.
  • Best about something or Best things among a group of things.
  • The 5 W’s- who,what,when,where,why.Try forming questions with these.

92. Take out a pen and a paper. Now write all terms related to your blog niche. Now try to make combination of two or more terms until you get an idea for your post.

93. Read posts of other blogs on the internet.While reading those rare amazing lines, you may hit with few great blog post ideas.

94. While helding giveaways, ask your reader to not only promote something but also give their opinions on type of content they want to see on your blog. You will surely get many ideas to write blog posts.

95. Go to some bookstore or library and pick up a book related to your blog niche. Read it and get idea. 😀
96. Talk to bloggers you know. Exchange ideas with them.

97. View advertisements! Ads itself are the creative ideas.

98. Images give better ideas than texts. Have a Google Image Search and get some idea Sirji 😀 .

99. Always have a close look at the thoughts running in your mind. Many thoughts in your mind can be translated to posts.

100. Visit websites and webpages that are rarely visited by anyone or known only to few. May be you find something useful to share on your blog.

101. Did you know about Law of Attraction ?

You are attracting towards you all that you think of.
Whatever happening around you is not just a coincidence but it is the result of your thoughts
and feelings.

In short whatever you think and feel of, surely happens in real world. As within so without. So think daily that you are getting great ideas for your blog and be optimistic. You will see the magic soon. Read the book ‘The Secret’ by Ronde Byrne.

102. Join facebook groups of your niche. Huge ideas are sure to flow in through these groups.

103. Yahoo Answers is ever new with fresh ideas for your blogs to write on.

104. Directly ask for blog post ideas through fan page, chat forums ,messaging apps, yahoo answers.
105. Check your google analytics and webmaster tools. You may be getting traffic for some queries you never thought off. Write posts elaborating (emphasizing) those queries.

106. Take a short break from your blog and relax. A calm mind has all the capacity to come up with fresh ideas.

107. Always carry a pen and paper (or and online notepad) with you. Who knows when great ideas strike your mind.

108. Still did not get any idea? Read this post once again! 🙂

How were the ideas? Did you enjoy reading this post? Do you have some more amazing ideas to share? Let’s share them with the world by commenting below. And as always, don’t forget to share this post with your bloggi friends. It may be of some help to them. You can subscribe to TechMilkyway email newsletters to be updated.

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6 Awesome Tips to Choose a Good Domain Name

Choosing Domain Name

How to choose a good domain name? This question arises in everyone’s mind at the very start of creating a blog or website. Choosing a domain name is as important as choosing your webhost, designing your website and earning through Google Adsense. A wrong domain may land you in trouble, small or big, depending on the domain name you have chosen. Below is a list of few important points to be considered while choosing any domain name.

Choosing Domain Name

1. Single Word Domain Name

Although its difficult to find a popular or eye catching single word as your domain name, if you can do so, you may be a step ahead of your competitor. These types of domains are easy to remember and help in promoting the brand name. Even these are easy to type. Others can spread the presence of your website on internet easily through word of mouth. Also try to make your domain name a unique one.

2. Domain name related to your website content

The domain name should describe the main aim of the website. It should be easily understood without any further explanation. Try to get top rated keywords in your domain name. Well it is not that necessary but, keyword-rich domains may help in getting SEO in some cases- like if anyone is searching for ‘budget phones’ and your website name is budgetphones.com, then it is sure to get indexed in the search engines.

3. Make it easy to remember

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Domain with meaningful words and names are powerful and easy to remember. If you are unable to find a single word domain name representing your brand then go for two or three words but it should be easy to remember. For example, recently I visited a website by name ismyblogworking.com. Even though the length of the domain name is too long but it’s also easy to remember.

4. Domain extension matters

As of June 2013, there were 115 million .com domains, 15 million .net and 10 million .org domains. Many internet users assume that there is a .com at the end if the extension is not mentioned. So, choosing .com, one of the TLD ( Top Level Domain ), is a great idea.

5. Avoid confusing domain names

Using dashes in domain names helps search engines to easily identify the words of your domain and we humans too. But it may be a killing idea to promote your website. If a website name is x-y-z.com and you want to refer it to your friend, then you need to say x dash y dash z dot com. Else he/she may land at your competitor’s site. Even using numbers can create this confusion. ab2cd.com may be mistaken as abtocd.com.Also avoid using plurals like infotechs instead of infotech which create confusion. So before proceeding to take these type of domains, think twice!

6. Avoid copyright infringement

Do not use top brand name keywords in your domain names like facebookpic or googletea. This may lead to copyright infringement and legal issues. If you are buying the domain from its owner, make sure it has white & fair history. Also check if there are bad links associated with that domain in google by using the ‘link’ function as link:yoursitename

Feel free to disregard any of the above tips:

All the above tips are just for your consideration before choosing a domain name. You may agree with few of them and disagree with other. You need not stick to all of them. Decide what is perfect to you and your brand.

Still have any doubts? Or do you have some more tips with you? Eagerly waiting for your comments!

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