How to Find Best Deals Online

Hello, friends! Today, in this post I will share with you a few tips and sources which will help you find best deals online. This post will be updated now and then as I find new ways to find the best online deals. Better bookmark this post so you can revisit this page whenever you … Read moreHow to Find Best Deals Online

Advanced Google Search Tips

Advanced Google Search Tips

You may have come across some google search tricks earlier on TechMilkyway. If you haven’t then you should read those google search tips. Continuing with it, here are few more advanced google search tips. Some are really useful and handy google search tips while others are fun to know and share with your friends. 1. … Read moreAdvanced Google Search Tips

Best Way to Read PDF on Java Phone (or any phone)

Read PDF on any Java Phone

If you have an android, an iphone or a computer with you, then its really very easy to read any pdf file or an ebook. You just need to install the related software or app, and you can straight forward view the pdf with just a click. Being a regular Java phone user, I found … Read moreBest Way to Read PDF on Java Phone (or any phone)

18 Google Search Tips for Your Daily Needs

Google Search Tips

Want Google to act on your finger tips? Of course it acts on our keystrokes, what’s new in it! But keystrokes are not important unless you know which key to strike when. I mean the commands you should enter from your keyboard so that google does what you want. Have a look at these google … Read more18 Google Search Tips for Your Daily Needs