Togo Solar: Solar Charger for Your Phone

You may have read my previous article on how to save battery in android phones. Their one of the things I mentioned to save battery was to use power banks or portable chargers. Here is a similar portable charger but it utilizes the solar energy. Normal power banks are portable but even then we need to search some power socket to charge itself. With a solar charger, this isn’t any problem as you can charge it anywhere and that too for free.

Togo Solar | Solar Power Made Practical and Convenient

Solar charger for android TOGOSOLAR_1

Togo Solar is a practical, efficient, high watt solar charger. With portable power sources being a thing of necessity these days, Togo Solar has made one of the best resources for power utilizing the sun, while making life much easier for those living on the go. Charging is continuously monitored utilizing the Togo Solar app via bluetooth compatibility so while your solar panel is resting in the sun, you can relax in the shade. With measurable meters on the app, you have the capability to see how full of a charge the sun is giving you, and see if your solar panel is in optimal sunlight. Togo Solar powers the included BOS battery pack, which gives you up to THREE full phone charges.

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Many solar panels today are a shot in the dark. When you pull them out of their large, bulging cases, you lay them flat on the ground in hopes to get optimal sunlight. With Togo Solar, the small, smooth plastic case lets you point the solar panel directly at the sun, giving you optimal sunlight. When not in use, Togo Solar folds up and sits comfortably into the carrying case, which in turn slides right in to your bag. Togo Solar is 50% smaller than any other solar panel on the market.

Co-founders Albert and Leroy were working 100 feet away from each other for five years before they finally teamed up to create Togo Solar. They have over 10 years experience creating energy -harvesting devices using field power sources working on Army/Special Forces progress and consumer products. When smartphones and tablets became super popular, they knew they had insights on practical mobile power, specifically solar chargers, that no one else had. So together, they created Togo Solar.


You can find more info on Togo Solar at Kickstarter.

30 Tips to Save Battery in Android Phones

Android, android and android! Everywhere in the market you find android phones. Android phones have replaced all other phones with their awesome look and features. Even the prices have reduced very drastically. But the most worrying thing in android phones is the battery life. Most of them rarely last more than a day. This makes us use the android battery very judiciously.

So, to use the battery of your phone more judiciously, you should be aware of all the ways which drain your battery. And also how to prevent the battery drain. Here is a checklist, you may find useful, to save battery in android phones. I have touched almost all the possible tips but still if something is missing, let me know through comments.

Tips to Prevent Battery Drain in Android Phones

Save Battery in Android Phones

1. Avoid using unnecessary widgets and live wallpapers. They drain battery very much.

2. There are few apps which drain more battery than others. Find some other alternate app(s) and avoid using such battery draining apps.

3. Don’t place your phone in heat. When temperature around the phone is high, the battery drains very quickly. So think twice when placing your phone inside your car which is standing in the hot sun!

4. Use airplane or flight mode when required. When you don’t use your phone (like in a meeting or class), better turn on the airplane mode which saves the most your battery.

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5. Don’t run too many apps in the background.

6. If none of the above and below tips work for you, then consider buying spare battery.

7. I know how much it’s irksome to keep a spare battery and replace it in your phone everytime. Try power banks instead (also called portable charger, see above image). You can get power banks online for low cost and charge your android phone anytime anywhere.

8. Reduce screen brightness and use vibration mode only when required.

9. If your phone is rooted then you can try some special apps (like Greenify) which helps in reducing battery drain. You can also consider flashing your phone with some custom ROM (like CyanogenMod) which utilizes your battery more efficiently.

10. Check whether you have your wifi turned on. If it’s on, then turn it off as it drains your battery a lot.

11. Nothing drains your battery faster than the hotspot or bluetooth tethering in your phone. See that it’s not turned on.

12. Internet especially 3G and 4G utilizes more battery. When you do not require high speeds (for normal browsing), better to use 2G instead of 3G and 4G.

13. Dual SIM phones use more battery than single ones. If you don’t use the second SIM often, then consider deactivating it whenever it is possible.

14. When your phone is in Roaming, there is continuous switching between different networks. Your phone searches for network signal very often which drains more battery. So, if you don’t find signal in an area, better to turn the phone off or ON the airplane mode while in Roaming.

15. From above tip you may have known by now that even if you are in your home network but if you have poor signal then also it may drain more battery (phone constantly searches for signal). So use such SIMs which have full strength signal in your area.

16. If you don’t require stop GPS and location detection in the phone.

17. Reduce your screen timeout to minimum.

18. Make use of standby mode. Simply press the power button and your phone goes into standby mode.

19. Reduce notification frequency of the apps. Notifications at an interval of 1 hour is sufficient for most of the apps (may not be applicable to whatsapp, hike, facebook etc).

20. Update your apps. Applications often get updated to use less battery power. But turn off automatic updates. Few apps get updates very frequently and if automatic updates is turned on, then there will always be something running in the background to drain your battery. So once every month update all your apps manually.

21. Few people even say, Use darker themes and darker apps.

22. Use batteries recommended by your phone manufacturing brand. Though third party batteries are cheap and easy to get, using them may not work well with your device.

23. If there is Power Saving Mode option in your phone (present in few phones with latest android updates), then use it.

24. Turn off auto sync option for your Google accounts, Dropbox and other cloud services.

25. You can also root your phone and remove all those blotware which come pre-installed in your phone. Some of those apps use more battery and are often unnecessary.

26. Stop continuously playing games, music and watching videos for long time. The more you do these things, the more the battery gets drained.

27. While taking photos use the camera and the flash very judiciously.

28. Never overcharge your battery. Some say that it decreases your battery life and you get poor performance from it. Check it out and see if true or not.

29. Use good phones. Phone manufacturers cannot always be trusted. Battery measuring units(mAh) being same, some phones give better battery power than others. So, choose good ones.

30. If your ultimate goal is to save the battery, just switch the phone off!

If you follow all these tips, then surely there is no use of owning an android phones. It will be same like using the earlier box type phones. What’s the point in owning an android and not using GPS, 3G, Hot-spot, multiple apps, auto sync etc? Right? So just follow those things which you think are necessary and applicable to you. Now do you have in your head, few more awesome tips to save battery in android phones. Then you are genius man! Awaiting your tips in the comments.

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What is Site Patches and User-agent Masking in Opera Mini

If you have read my post on Opera Mini Tricks, then you know what I mean by the heading. But if you haven’t done it yet, just open your favourite Opera Mini browser and type in address bar opera:config (or just config: ). You will see the Power-User settings menu where you can change the values of few of your browser’s default settings. Every option in the menu is self-explanatory except the option of site patches and user-agent masking. It will look something like the below image.

site patches user-agent masking
Site Patches User-agent Masking in Opera Mini

What is Site Patching and User-agent Masking

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So what exactly is site patching and user-agent masking? Though I am speaking of only opera mini, but this option also applies to all other mobile and desktop browsers. This option may not be present directly in the menu items of the browsers but if you dig deeper you will finally find one. These two options are very helpful and also mostly required from user perspective but may even be a killer for the developers or webmasters. Let’s have a close look at these two options.

What is Site Patching

No website is ever perfect. They are made by humans and as you all know that humans make mistakes. Many websites on the World Wide Web actually have errors in their codes. These errors may be in the HTML, the CSS or the scripting languages used at the server side.

When you request for a site content through your browser, what the browser gets in return is the HTML code (along with many other codes) of your requested website. It runs this code and renders you the website in a graphical way containing easy to read text and images. Now what happens if the code the browser got from the website’s server contains errors? Here’s where the site patching comes into play.

Browsers instead of telling the users that the requested website page contains errors in the code, they actually try to rectify it. They correct the wrongly coded things and even add their own code if required. After this correction only, you are able to see that website though it has some coding errors. This action on part of browsers is referred as Site Patching. It is done for better user experience, otherwise you know how it would feel if you opened 10 sites and 8 of them didn’t show up anything.

site patches user-agent masking

What is User-agent Masking

User-agent is a string your browser sends to a website’s server which contains information about your operating system, browser name and version, language and other details. This user-agent helps the server identify your operating system, browser so that it sends the response code accordingly. Now user-agent masking is nothing but hiding this user-agent from the server.

User Agent Example
Example of User-agent

Browsers use this technique to solve the compatibility issues across different browsers. For example, Opera desktop browser is often overlooked while the developers design their websites. So it is highly probable that a website may not render properly in Opera but works fine with Firefox or Chrome. Now what Opera browser does is that it sends the user-agent of Firefox or Chrome to the server. This way it hides or masks its own user-agent and the server thinks it to be Firefox or Chrome and sends the requested info accordingly. Opera gets that code and renders it to the user.

One thing to note here is that when the website cannot be rendered properly to Opera users, opera can apply site patching and change the code as required so that it works well with it. But if the problem can be solved by simple user-agent masking then it does not go for the time consuming site patching.

Final Words

So coming back to opera mini, the option Site Patches and User-agent Masking is enabled by default. Keeping it enabled is good from user perspective as you may have known by now. Still have any doubts? Waiting for your comments.

5 Android Apps to Get Free Recharge

The idea of paying the mobile phone users for viewing ads, is trending these days. Even the bigger companies are getting involved in implementing this. Tata Docomo Get Easy Talktime App, Idea Madcall App are few apps the top brands started a few months before. If they are willing to pay you, then why not utilize this opportunity to pay your monthly mobile bills? Not the whole bill but atleast some part of it. Some of the apps pay you for downloading other smaller apps and trying them in your phone. So, do check out the following 5 android apps to get free recharge in your mobile phone.

Android Apps for Free Recharge

Get Free Recharge in Android Phones

These 5 apps really pay you very well, more than other similar apps that give free recharge. Further there are limited ads shown so that they do not overwhelm you. Apps are not listed in any order of priority, whatever’s coming to my mind first is listed first. So do check out all of them.

1. Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge App

Very funny app name, right? This app gives you free recharge for downloading a list of apps and using them for sometime. They also give weekly Rs 100 to some lucky users of the app. So, a double scope of getting free recharge. What’s special about this app is that it gives up to Rs 10 for each app you download. This is more than any other similar app can give. Downloading all the apps in the list may fetch you more than 150. I suggest you to try this app first, then go for other app.

Download Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge App from Google Play Store

2. Amulyam App

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Similar to above app but pays you less than the Free Mobile Recharge App. But good thing is that the mobile recharge is almost instant. Recharge done is faster than all the other apps listed here. You are paid for downloading other apps and games, and trying them in your phone for some time. Minimum payout is Rs 10.

Download Amulyam App from Google Play Store

3. Madlock App

In terms of paying more, no other app can beat this. It pays out you lifelong unlike the above two apps which pay for a while for trying some apps. Unless no new app is listed for downloading, you will not be able to get free recharge. But Madlock pays you for viewing ads and not downloading any other app. This way you can get lifelong free recharge or atleast till the time the app is present. Here is a detailed info on Madlock app.

Free Recharge App – Get Free Talktime using MAdlock Android App

4. Eureka App

Similar to Madlock app. But here you get points for viewing the ads. These points can be redeemed to get free recharge or to buy discounted coupons and online items. Here is a detailed info on Eureka app.

Free Mobile Recharge in Any Android Phone using Eureka

5. mCent App

An app similar to Amulyam app but pays more than that. By downloading all the apps listed in the mCent app, you can get an instant recharge of more than Rs 100. Further if you refer your friend, he/she downloads the app and complete any of the offers listed there then you get Rs 50. So referring only two friends (which most of us can do) will get you Rs 100 instantly apart from the money you get by downloading the apps. I got more than 300 in just three days! You should also try it out.

Download mCent app from Google Play Store (Mobile Link)

Now don’t be selfish! Atleast tell your friends so that they too can enjoy free recharge using these apps ? Use the social buttons below to spread the word. Next time with some more ways to get free mobile recharge and free internet too. Don’t forget to subscribe to the free email alerts at the sidebar/bottom so that you don’t miss any free stuff. Stay tuned to TechMilkyway.

Earn Free Recharge Using New Hike

Hike is again back with its reward program. Earlier it stopped it’s reward program for a while but now it is back again. Now can earn much more using hike. The concept behind earning free talktime remains the same but the amount now being paid is quite more. Everyone can get free recharge through it as hike works in Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Nokia S40 and S60 platforms.Hike Messenger

In the earlier rewards program, the users earned for every invite they made to their friends. But the amount paid was less and also there were some restrictions to unlock the redeem option to get your free recharge. Now it has been made more easier. Now for every successful invite to your friend, you will get Rs 20. You will also get Rs 10 as starting bonus if you are a new user. That means inviting two friends can get you Rs 50 instantly.

Few things to note though. After you invite your friend, he/she must join within 96 hours. Also the minimum payout is Rs 50. But I was able to get even a payout of Rs 20. Do check it out what works for you. For safe side ask your friend to send a message/sticker from hike after joining hike (don’t know if there is some rule like that). You too send a message in reply.


Get Hike Messenger

Hike is much more improved than before. With hike you can send messages (to hike and non-hike users), photos, videos and even files, a feature not even present in Whatsapp. You can also create private chats and hide them from others by password protecting them. So now, what are you waiting for? Join hike and start inviting.
Go to hike website or play store to Download Hike Messenger.

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