Get Free Call Minutes By Tata Docomo GET App

Tata Docomo

Ya, heard it right! Now Tata Docomo users can avail free call minutes officially. Interesting right! As we all know, these days the call rates have considerably increased. Even for the rate cutters we have to pay much more for initial 1 or 2 minutes. So getting some free minutes is a relief for many of us. And Tata Teleservices Limited have come up with a similar plan. What is it? Tata Docomo

Tata Teleservices launches Tata Docomo GET:

Recently Tata Teleservices Limited have launched the Tata Docomo GET App, or otherwise called Tata Docomo Get Easy Talktime App, advertising service to promote a range of their advertisements. What’s special about this is that the customers are paid in the form of free local/std minutes for viewing their advertisements. This way both the company and the users get benefited. This service is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid customers. They just have to download an app in their mobile and start getting their free minutes!

Go to Tata Docomo GET app download page below from your mobile browser:

This application is supported by Java, Symbian and  Android phones. The function and few properties vary depending on the phone platform. The app needs internet connection in your mobile but need not worry as you will not be charged, its free!

Presently, the customers get only free minutes but TTL also has plans to extend this to free sms, free balance or internet. Further only few ads are provided and so there is a limit on getting free minutes. But I find it worth than spending time on getting recharge through websites like ultoo, site2sms, ypox etc. With two weeks’ earnings through this app, you can call upto 1 hour or even much more!

  • Tip: Once you watch the ad and when the call is about to connect just cancel the call. Call will not be connected but your free minutes will be credited to your mobile number. You can check the free minutes balance by dialing *111*1#.

How to Get More Minutes from Tata Docomo Get App?

Well you can get even more free minutes from this app by referring your friends. You just need to send an sms to refer this docomo app to your friend. But don’t worry, even this sms is free of charge. Just type in your message box REF <Your Friend’s Docomo Number> and send it to 52323. Tata Docomo will send a link to this app to your friend on your behalf. You will get 5 minutes for each successful referral.

Updated Version of Tata DoCoMo Get App

Now the application can also run on your Wi-Fi. It even supports other mobile network internet connection i.e., if you have a dual sim phone with Tata DoCoMo as first sim and Aircel as second sim, and using internet with Aircel sim, still you can use the app and get free talk time. Still have any doubts? Here are few frequently asked questions on Tata DoCoMo GetEasy Talktime app.

Now Tata DoCoMo get easy talk time app is also supported in other mobile networks. That means you can earn free talktime using tata DoCoMo get app with Aircel, Airtel, Idea and other sims. But here instead of free minutes, you will get free balance. For watching 40 video ads (each of around 15 seconds) you will get Rs 10 balance. Just try it out in your phone.

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Casio fx-991ES Trick to Surprise Your Friends

Casio FX991ES

Friends here I show you a simple but awesome CASIO fx-991ES trick. Just learn this trick and show it to your friends and get an awww……..:)  from them. So get ready to surprise your friends.

Casio FX991ES

But before we proceed, let me tell you something. This trick works in CASIO fx-991ES (and not in CASIO fx-991ES plus) and I have manually tested it. So read the following simple steps ‘carefully’ and do exactly as specified. For simplicity and better understanding, and to avoid confusion I have arranged the trick in step by step manner.

  1. First set your calculator on default mode i.e., comp, degree and MthIO mode. If it’s not set then press shift >>press 9 >> press 3 for ALL >>press=>>press AC key now default mode is set.

  2. Now write pol(0,1).  Shift >> + key>> 0 >>shift >> ‘)’ key (or  X key) >>1>> ’)’  key.

  3. Press =

          You will get r=1, angle(theta)=90 degree  as output.

  1. Press AC.

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  2. Press fraction key 10 times.

  3. Press the right key on the REPLY button until you reach down and get out of the fraction.

  4. Press 1.

  5. Press x^(power) button,(above sin button).

  6. Press = . You will get a syntax error but no problem, proceed.

  7. Press  AC .

  8. Press up key on reply button, output will be pol(0,1).

  9. Press AC

  10. Press left key three times.

  11. Press DEL to delete 1 . It should appear

         R=1,angle(theta)=90 degree.

  1. Press fraction key.

  2. Press 1 in numerator.

  3. Come down and press 1 in denominator.

         Output: 1/1 r=1, theta= 90.

  1. Press =

  2. Press Abs key or (shift >> hyp key) five times.

  3. Press under root key until the magic occurs.

Do the above steps as it is and see what happens. Many have reported that this trick also works in fx-570ES and fx-85ES. Check it in your calculator and let me know about it through your comments. Don’t like reading? Want some visual stuff. Here is a YouTube video which will demonstrate exactly how to do this Casio trick.

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Make call in Opera Mini Without Closing it

Make Call in Opera Mini Without Closing

Make call in opera mini without closing it. Sounds interesting! Friends as we all know Opera Mini is the most widely used mobile browser.It is because of its excellent user interface, high browsing speed and low data cost due to the compression of its pages. Many java phones and others too use it as their favourite mobile browser. But opera mini does not have a direct option to make a call from the phone while using the internet. This is not a problem to the phones which have a ‘minimizing application’ option. They can simply minimize the browser, make a call and then return to the browser. But what about those who do not have this minimizing option. And majority of them don’t have it!

It’s often very irritating to close the browser, make a call and then again open it. But there is a solution to solve this. Opera mini does not directly have the option to make a call. But still its there and hidden inside the browser. Many of you may have noticed it at times. Here is the trick to make a call without closing opera mini. It utilizes the hidden make a call option and Google calculator.
Make Call in Opera Mini Without Closing

Make Call in Opera Mini Without Minimizing it

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Firstly open opera mini then go to Google search. Suppose you want to call to the number 812xxxxxx5.
Now just type 812xxxxxxx5+0= in Google search box and click the search button.
Now at the top of search results you will get something like:


Move your cursor over the number to want to make the call. Now your number will be highlighted. Just click it! Your call will be connected and you are ready to talk now.

To end the call press the ‘call end‘ button only once.

Alternately, you can also just type your required number in google search and click your number appearing in search results.

Another Trick to Make Call  in Opera Mini:

You can also try this code to make call to any number while on opera mini. Just type in the address bar wtai://wp/mc;<your number>. For example, if you want to call to 812xxxxxx5 type in address bar wtai://wp/mc;812xxxxxx5. Once you have typed this code, you need not type it again to make another call. Next time just type in address bar tel:<your number> like tel:812xxxxxx5. But if you have closed the browser then again you need to type the code for first call and the subsequent calls you can make by the tel: command.

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Easiest Way to Download Youtube Videos in Mobile

Youtube Video Download

We all know that youtube is the home of videos. Any video we need, we just visit youtube, search for it and watch it. Many times you may have watched a video, liked it and wanted to download it. But youtube does not provide any downloading option. But fortunately, it is possible to download youtube videos and there are many ways to do it. But many of them don’t work with mobile phones. Here I share with you a simple way to download youtube videos in mobile phone whether it is a smartphone, java phone or any other phone with just an internet connection.

The best part of this method is that you can download the videos in the format you like or need. And also you no longer need to copy and paste the url of the youtube video into other site to download it. By this way users of opera mini who do not have copy and paste option (opera mini 4.1 and other similar versions) can download youtube videos. So lets see how exactly to do it.

Whenever you watch or view a video page in youtube, you will see its url in the address bar something like:

youtube url……………..

Now delete everything before youtube. Now the url looks like:………

Now just add ss before youtube as:………

Now press go or enter to visit the address you have just written. Then you will be taken to a page where you can download the required video in the format you like.

Youtube Video Download

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