SBI OTP Not Received – Internet Banking

SBI OTP Not Received – Internet Banking

SBI OTP not received through SMS? If you have used the SB Secure OTP app (or State Bank Secure OTP app), then you might have come across the problem of not receiving the OTP on your mobile phone while doing Internet banking transactions. Wondering how to solve this issue? Let’s find why this problem arose and how to fix it so that we receive the OTP as earlier.

SBI OTP Not Received

SBI OTP Not Received – The Cause:

You aren’t receiving the State Bank Internet Banking password because of misconfiguration of your State Bank Secure OTP app. Well, I’m talking about a particular case here, there may be other reasons for not receiving OTP. If you think, this may be the cause in your case, then let’s see how this OTP problem arose.

The SB Secure OTP app was made available to the Internet Banking customers, so that can generate OTP (One Time Password) on their own in a secure and comfortable way. This application made them not depend on SMS for One Time Password which sometimes was time-consuming. When you first login into this app through your Internet Banking credentials, your Internet Banking settings are automatically changed to receive OTP through SB Secure OTP app instead of getting the same through SMS. From then on, if you want to do any transaction through Internet Banking, you have to generate it through the app only.

Till here it’s fine. But, when you delete the app from your phone or clear the data of the app, the problem arises -not receiving OTP for SBI Internet Banking. As you signed in into the app, you had to generate OTP inside the app and not by SMS. Now, no app, so no OTP and no Internet Banking transactions. You are fully struck.

SBI OTP Not Received – The Solution:

There are two solutions to this OTP problem.

Solution 1: Again install the SB Secure OTP app and login. 🙂

Solution 2: Change Internet Banking settings to receive OTP through SMS.

How to do this?

  1. Login to SBI Internet Banking.
  2. Go to Profile tab.
  3. Under that find High Security Options.
  4. Then you will be asked for the Profile Password. Type it and submit.
  5. Now you find all the OTP settings here. Change the last option named Mode of Authentication through OTP from State Bank Secure OTP (Mobile App) to SMS.
  6. Proceed by clicking OK on the pop-up and then click on submit
  7. From then on, you will receive the OTP through SMS. But remember, if you again logged in into SB Secure OTP app then again above settings will be automatically changed, and you will not receive OTP through SMS.

Found it useful? Share this with your friends, so that they can save time handling this OTP problem. Also, you can share your experience on OTP not receiving problem. 🙂

42 thoughts on “SBI OTP Not Received – Internet Banking”

  1. Hi, thanks for the info. Somehow I am not able to use the otp app in its first try. It’s asking me to enter an OTP which it says is sent through SMS which ironically I never received. Because of this I haven’t yet been able to login to the otp app and test your trick. Any pointers??

    • I had the same problem.
      What I did was Logged in to my onlineSBI account >Profile>High Security Options>Changed the Mode of Authentication through OTP from “State Bank Secure OTP (Mobile App)” to “SMS” (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT).
      This will enable you to recieve OTP via SMS.

  2. Thanks for this article. I couldn’t get the OTP SMS to register to the State Bank Secure OTP app on Android. After following the above steps, I got the OTP in an SMS and then got the app registered.

      • Hii
        I understood and tried exactly the same thing you mentioned in article…but in INternet banking Profile> high security options- when I am selecting the option of “receive OTP through SMS” ,
        After this selection and submit also , it is asking for an OTP to update this.

        Now what should I do , please help ?

        • @Suboohi Khan

          I am facing the same issue. After changing the OTP mode to sms and clicking submit, it is asking for a high security password in the next page. How did you solve it?

        • No worries, I sorted it out. In the high security options choose all radio buttons to “yes”. You will have 4 categories, choose first radio button for all and submit, it will not ask for OTP and you will receive confirmation that Secure OTP is deregistered 🙂

        • Easy solution, just choose all radio buttons in the high security option to “Yes” and submit, it won’t ask for OTP. You will get an SMS saying Secure OTP is deregistered.

  3. I had the same problem.
    What I did was Logged in to my onlineSBI account >Profile>High Security Options>Changed the Mode of Authentication through OTP from “State Bank Secure OTP (Mobile App)” to “SMS” (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT).
    This will enable you to recieve OTP via SMS.

    • 100% true… very worst service ever…
      for each and everything how we can go to Home Branch (like mobile number update, email update, aadhar update, mainly password reset and they are not ready to send the debit card to any other near by SBI Branch also). due to this kind of poor service only people always like Private banks. in private bank, we can do all things over the phone or any other nearby branch (in private bank).

      but SBI doing one very good service is Debit the amount from customer account without asking. awesome SBI.

  4. What to do if have only viewing right in high security option and says if u want full right go to e-services,upgrade access lavel after go with that mode the upgrade access lavel says ,,high security password?,,& otp not coming on mobile.

    • follow the instructions to activate the administrative rights on your internet banking account. If it is not getting activated then visit your bank and request for the same. After that, you can do as said in this post.

  5. I’m unable to go to High Security Options as I have only viewing rights. And I’m not getting OTP on SMS as I deregistered from the OTP app. What is the solution now?

  6. I am trying to deactivate the Secure OTP app through my online banking. Went to Profile>High Security Options>Changed to SMS from Secure OTP mobile app.. trying to click submit, but it doesn’t go anywhere..

    Any suggetions on this?

  7. I could get O T P while changing the mode of Authentication through O T P from
    “State Bank Secure O T P “to “S M S” . I also get s m s on withdrawing money from A T M or while paying at P O S.
    But I am not getting O T P while doing online transactions at the payment gateway. Any guesses

  8. Hi. I’m trying to modify the transaction rights of one of my accounts using ‘upgrade access level’ option on INB. The online SBI website then provides two options: Online OTP and Offline OTP. I tried both of them, but the first one doesn’t give any OTP in app, while the second option does not generate any random number. Could you help me with this?

  9. Thanks Vinay… I discovered this problem while changing phones and without your tip I would have been lost. I cannot imagine that the App developers can be so short sighted that they create a “DUMB” app….the least they could have done was give a pop-up message saying that we need to de-register from the app. But then you cannot expect much from SBI – ‘fend for yourself’ is their service motto! BTW, you can also de-register from the app if you still have the old phone/ app and then register again on the new phone.

  10. above step were taken but got stuck at changing the “State Bank Secure OTP (Mobile App)” to “SMS” as the window is asking me to select ther OTp type “online and offline. and iam not even able to select as the click is not working over it.

  11. i am fully stucked with it. I had de-registed and uninstalled the app. After that i change to sms in internet banking, but it is asking otp. So i re-install app and try to login, but app asking an otp. otp is not received. I am not getting sms neither i can able to login to secure otp app. Please help.

  12. I am having same problem now. Developer made it chicken and egg problem now. can’t change the otp receiving from app to sms without otp. And this all happend because i updated their app and app started sending java error message that password doen’t match.

  13. i tried to change the mode of authentication through setting. there goes one more option opened online and offline OTP again. which never worked. I totally stuck now cannot do any transaction.

  14. Hello Everyone,

    First of all Thanks to Vinay kumar Jaiswal for taking time to write this article. Your solution was partially correct. I followed your steps given in this article, but when i chose SMS option in ‘Mode of Authentication through OTP from “State Bank Secure OTP (Mobile App)” ‘ and submitted it. I didn’t get OTP through SMS as per your suggestion. But Online SBI has given one more option called “SMS and Email”. I chose that option, then i recieved OTP through SMS. I was able to access SBI Secure OTP successfully and get OTP through this app now. Note: Even Mode of Authentication is automatcially changed to OTP in SBI Internet Banking after successful access in SBI Secure OTP app.

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