Ultimate FreeB – Free Recharge App

After a very long time, writing another post. Hope it will not be the case for my next post. 🙂 So, today I’m going to tell you about a free recharge app for android which will fulfill all your recharge needs. This is same as many other free recharge apps available in Play Store but there is something special about this app.

Ultimate FreeB – Free Recharge App

Ultimate FreeB Free Recharge App

Getting to the point, this app gives you free recharge for trying their recommended apps. You just need to install FreeB app on your phone and download the apps recommended there. Each app you download from there, will fetch you some amount which can be used for free recharge. A good thing is that you can recharge your own number or any other number you want. Also the FreeB app pays you somewhat higher for downloading recommended apps than many other similar free recharge apps available.

All these are general things, here comes something special about FreeB.

  • You will get 2 rupees daily just for opening the app (I got only 1.5, somewhat unlucky) and clicking on ‘Click to Earn’ area. No need to download anything. So, by the end of the month even if you do not download any of their recommended apps, you are sure to get 60 rupees (or 45 atleast) . Something is better than nothing right?
  • The money you get is stored in your FreeB wallet which can be used anytime to recharge any prepaid or postpaid mobile number, DTH & data card recharge, pay bills etc. You can even add money to your wallet from your bank account or any other online wallets like Mobikwik, Payumoney. FreeB is also running a limited time offer of getting 10 extra on adding 200 or more to your wallet. Also if you add money to FreeB using Mobikwik wallet, then you get 5% cashback in Mobikwik account.
  • FreeB also runs a referral program where you earn 30 for each successful referral. Share your download link with your friend and when they register you get 5, when they download their first app you get 10, when they download their second app you get 15. If you refer only 5 friends, then you are sure to get 150 instantly.
  • There are some gaming apps in FreeB which get you more money. You get money for downloading and also when you play and cross a particular level of the game. You just need to take screenshot of the level and send it to the email address specified there. Similarly, there are shopping apps like Myntra which fetch you extra money when you buy products from there.
  • Apart from all these, FreeB can also be used to search for latest online deals, read latest news from various categories, read jokes, download wallpapers, audios & videos. You can also earn more by participating in contests run by FreeB from time-to-time.

Download Ultimate FreeB Android App

Try this app, you will like it. This app together with some other apps like mCent and Tata Docomo GET App, will be sufficient to pay your monthly bills. Next time with something more!

5 Android Apps to Get Free Recharge

The idea of paying the mobile phone users for viewing ads, is trending these days. Even the bigger companies are getting involved in implementing this. Tata Docomo Get Easy Talktime App, Idea Madcall App are few apps the top brands started a few months before. If they are willing to pay you, then why not utilize this opportunity to pay your monthly mobile bills? Not the whole bill but atleast some part of it. Some of the apps pay you for downloading other smaller apps and trying them in your phone. So, do check out the following 5 android apps to get free recharge in your mobile phone.

Android Apps for Free Recharge

Get Free Recharge in Android Phones

These 5 apps really pay you very well, more than other similar apps that give free recharge. Further there are limited ads shown so that they do not overwhelm you. Apps are not listed in any order of priority, whatever’s coming to my mind first is listed first. So do check out all of them.

1. Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge App

Very funny app name, right? This app gives you free recharge for downloading a list of apps and using them for sometime. They also give weekly Rs 100 to some lucky users of the app. So, a double scope of getting free recharge. What’s special about this app is that it gives up to Rs 10 for each app you download. This is more than any other similar app can give. Downloading all the apps in the list may fetch you more than 150. I suggest you to try this app first, then go for other app.

Download Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge App from Google Play Store

2. Amulyam App

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Similar to above app but pays you less than the Free Mobile Recharge App. But good thing is that the mobile recharge is almost instant. Recharge done is faster than all the other apps listed here. You are paid for downloading other apps and games, and trying them in your phone for some time. Minimum payout is Rs 10.

Download Amulyam App from Google Play Store

3. Madlock App

In terms of paying more, no other app can beat this. It pays out you lifelong unlike the above two apps which pay for a while for trying some apps. Unless no new app is listed for downloading, you will not be able to get free recharge. But Madlock pays you for viewing ads and not downloading any other app. This way you can get lifelong free recharge or atleast till the time the app is present. Here is a detailed info on Madlock app.

Free Recharge App – Get Free Talktime using MAdlock Android App

4. Eureka App

Similar to Madlock app. But here you get points for viewing the ads. These points can be redeemed to get free recharge or to buy discounted coupons and online items. Here is a detailed info on Eureka app.

Free Mobile Recharge in Any Android Phone using Eureka

5. mCent App

An app similar to Amulyam app but pays more than that. By downloading all the apps listed in the mCent app, you can get an instant recharge of more than Rs 100. Further if you refer your friend, he/she downloads the app and complete any of the offers listed there then you get Rs 50. So referring only two friends (which most of us can do) will get you Rs 100 instantly apart from the money you get by downloading the apps. I got more than 300 in just three days! You should also try it out.

Download mCent app from Google Play Store (Mobile Link)

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Recharge Your Mobile through this Toll-Free Number- Paytm

Your eyes opened wide? It should be as today I’m going to share with you an amazing way to recharge your mobile phone anytime and anywhere without the need to go to your local outlet. You need not even go online and the best of it is that you can do it right from your mobile. Quite interesting! 🙂

Here is the solution for all your mobile recharge issues. An awesome solution you will love to use. And the answer is Paytm!

What is Paytm?

Paytm Mobile Recharge

Paytm means Pay Through Mobile. It is a website where you can do online mobile recharges, bill payments, DTH recharges, data card recharges, bus tickets booking and much more. It’s not like other websites where you complete your transaction and ultimately grieve for not getting your recharge done. Paytm is very trusted website and even State Bank of India recommends it (you can observe it at your local branch). Also Paytm is one of the preferred partners of Google’s GOSF-2013 (Great Online Shopping Festival) in India. I have personally tried this website for recharges and never had any problem. Even if you face any problem you can email them and assure a quick reply. If recharge is not done due to some technical issues, your money is safe and will be refunded to you. And one thing I like most is that heart-touching line at the bottom of this site- Proudly Made in India 🙂

How to Recharge Mobile using Paytm?

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Paytm offers many options to get your mobile phone recharge done. You can use credit/debit/atm card, internet banking or IMPS. You need not even signup to this site for mobile recharge but signing up will help you manage all your transactions. Paytm supports almost all the major mobile operators and DTH operators in India. Paytm also offers free coupons, cashbacks and other offers to its users. So whenever you recharge your mobile, don’t forget to check them out and if anyone of them interests you then you can avail it.

What is Paytm Cash?

Hey! All these are fine but where is that toll-free number? Okay, okay, but before I tell you that toll-free number it’s important to know about Paytm cash.

If you sign up to this site, you will be given an option of Paytm cash. It’s like a virtual wallet to store your money. Just transfer your money through credit/debit/atm card or internet banking to your paytm cash and your recharge will be done in 30 seconds using the ‘fast forward’ option.

Now here is something amazing. Paytm also offers you an option to recharge your mobile or any other mobile by sending just an sms from your registered mobile number. You can access this option only if you have paytm cash. It’s really cool! A feeling like the man at the recharge point! Only limitation to this recharge through mobile is that you can’t do a special recharge and also the sms charges apply as per your current tariff. There is also an app called Paytm  Mobile App through which you can do your recharge. App is available for android, iphone, windows, blackberry and few selected nokia phones.

But that’s not all. You can use their toll-free number to get your recharge done instead. The toll-free number presently is 1800 1800 1234. Using this number you can recharge any mobile number if you have the paytm cash. Very handy in urgency or when you visit any remote area. Also note that you can even do special recharges of your network which are not supported in recharging through sms option.


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Get Free Call Minutes By Tata Docomo GET App

Ya, heard it right! Now Tata Docomo users can avail free call minutes officially. Interesting right! As we all know, these days the call rates have considerably increased. Even for the rate cutters we have to pay much more for initial 1 or 2 minutes. So getting some free minutes is a relief for many of us. And Tata Teleservices Limited have come up with a similar plan. What is it? Tata Docomo

Tata Teleservices launches Tata Docomo GET:

Recently Tata Teleservices Limited have launched the Tata Docomo GET App, or otherwise called Tata Docomo Get Easy Talktime App, advertising service to promote a range of their advertisements. What’s special about this is that the customers are paid in the form of free local/std minutes for viewing their advertisements. This way both the company and the users get benefited. This service is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid customers. They just have to download an app in their mobile and start getting their free minutes!

Go to Tata Docomo GET app download page below from your mobile browser:

This application is supported by Java, Symbian and  Android phones. The function and few properties vary depending on the phone platform. The app needs internet connection in your mobile but need not worry as you will not be charged, its free!

Presently, the customers get only free minutes but TTL also has plans to extend this to free sms, free balance or internet. Further only few ads are provided and so there is a limit on getting free minutes. But I find it worth than spending time on getting recharge through websites like ultoo, site2sms, ypox etc. With two weeks’ earnings through this app, you can call upto 1 hour or even much more!

  • Tip: Once you watch the ad and when the call is about to connect just cancel the call. Call will not be connected but your free minutes will be credited to your mobile number. You can check the free minutes balance by dialing *111*1#.

How to Get More Minutes from Tata Docomo Get App?

Well you can get even more free minutes from this app by referring your friends. You just need to send an sms to refer this docomo app to your friend. But don’t worry, even this sms is free of charge. Just type in your message box REF <Your Friend’s Docomo Number> and send it to 52323. Tata Docomo will send a link to this app to your friend on your behalf. You will get 5 minutes for each successful referral.

Updated Version of Tata DoCoMo Get App

Now the application can also run on your Wi-Fi. It even supports other mobile network internet connection i.e., if you have a dual sim phone with Tata DoCoMo as first sim and Aircel as second sim, and using internet with Aircel sim, still you can use the app and get free talk time. Still have any doubts? Here are few frequently asked questions on Tata DoCoMo GetEasy Talktime app.

Now Tata DoCoMo get easy talk time app is also supported in other mobile networks. That means you can earn free talktime using tata DoCoMo get app with Aircel, Airtel, Idea and other sims. But here instead of free minutes, you will get free balance. For watching 40 video ads (each of around 15 seconds) you will get Rs 10 balance. Just try it out in your phone.

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