SBI OTP Not Received – Internet Banking

SBI OTP not received through SMS? If you have used the SB Secure OTP app (or State Bank Secure OTP app), then you might have come across the problem of not receiving the OTP on your mobile phone while doing Internet banking transactions. Wondering how to solve this issue? Let’s find why this problem arose and how to fix it so that we receive the OTP as earlier.

SBI OTP Not Received

SBI OTP Not Received – The Cause:

You aren’t receiving the State Bank Internet Banking password because of misconfiguration of your State Bank Secure OTP app. Well, I’m talking about a particular case here, there may be other reasons for not receiving OTP. If you think, this may be the cause in your case, then let’s see how this OTP problem arose.

The SB Secure OTP app was made available to the Internet Banking customers, so that can generate OTP (One Time Password) on their own in a secure and comfortable way. This application made them not depend on SMS for One Time Password which sometimes was time-consuming. When you first login into this app through your Internet Banking credentials, your Internet Banking settings are automatically changed to receive OTP through SB Secure OTP app instead of getting the same through SMS. From then on, if you want to do any transaction through Internet Banking, you have to generate it through the app only.

Till here it’s fine. But, when you delete the app from your phone or clear the data of the app, the problem arises -not receiving OTP for SBI Internet Banking. As you signed in into the app, you had to generate OTP inside the app and not by SMS. Now, no app, so no OTP and no Internet Banking transactions. You are fully struck.

SBI OTP Not Received – The Solution:

There are two solutions to this OTP problem.

Solution 1: Again install the SB Secure OTP app and login. 🙂

Solution 2: Change Internet Banking settings to receive OTP through SMS.

How to do this?

  1. Login to SBI Internet Banking.
  2. Go to Profile tab.
  3. Under that find High Security Options.
  4. Then you will be asked for the Profile Password. Type it and submit.
  5. Now you find all the OTP settings here. Change the last option named Mode of Authentication through OTP from State Bank Secure OTP (Mobile App) to SMS.
  6. Proceed by clicking OK on the pop-up and then click on submit
  7. From then on, you will receive the OTP through SMS. But remember, if you again logged in into SB Secure OTP app then again above settings will be automatically changed, and you will not receive OTP through SMS.

Found it useful? Share this with your friends, so that they can save time handling this OTP problem. Also, you can share your experience on OTP not receiving problem. 🙂

Top Shopping Sites and Deals in India

If you regularly shop online, you should know about the best shopping sites in India based on product delivery, prices, customer support and many other factors. But, to know about the best online shopping sites is not that easy for someone who just want started with online purchases. A best online shopping can be judged on some factors which are to be looked at while shopping online. A few basic of them are:

1. Quality and genuineness  of the product being sold.

2. Appropriate price of the product.

3. Delivery options of the product.

4. Better customer support.

5. Warranty and replacements related to products.

There may be many more but these are the basic ones. So, based on these let’s try to find few good online shopping sites in India.

Top Shopping Sites

1. Amazon

Amazon can be termed as best of all the shopping sites. It has delivery options to many places in India. Also majority of the items are shipped for free, no shipping and handling charges are involved. Further, it has good customer support and is quite user friendly. Amazon has become even more famous after its launch of Indian version of Amazon ( Best thing here is that the products are genuine and the prices are not altered. If you decided to shop at amazon, the first place you need to visit is the Amazon Daily Deals page. Amazon also has hourly deals, lightening deals, happy hours deals and much more.

2. Flipkart

Can be called the second leading site after amazon. There are many sellers associated with flipkart but WS Retail is the best. WS Retail has all the features and services like amazon. So, if the seller of your product is WS Retail then you can definitely buy it. Other sellers few services and often it is not fast and customer satisfactory. One bad thing about flipkart is the prices of the items are often altered. Price will be quite higher than the usual. For best deals related to flipkart, you can check the Offers Zone page of Flipkart.

3. Ebay

Ebay stands next in the list of online best shopping sites. The good thing about this site is that if you are unable to find a product you were searching for in amazon and flipkart, you can be sure to find it at ebay. Ebay has wide range of products. The products are genuine but often there are delivery charges associated with it. For best deals at Ebay, please have a look at Ebay deals page.

4. Paytm

Starting as a mobile and bills payment site, Paytm has emerged into an online shopping portal. The company is interested in making Paytm as India’s No. 1 shopping site and is actively implementing it. Still it has a long way to go to become a trusted company in India. Delivery options at Paytm is too late, often more than 2 weeks. Mostly not prefered to buy high price products. Log on to Paytm site and check out the available deals.

5. Shopclues and Homeshop18

These two sites are just okay. Better than many fake sites in India. Many things get worse with these two sites. Mostly proffered for buying products which have less cost or costly products available at cheap rates. Some of the products are even fake. So search for cheap deals at Shopclues and Homeshop18, and if you find worth buying (even if the product is not genuine) then you can go ahead and buy it.

See you all again. Next time with even more useful and interesting. 🙂

Advanced Google Search Tips

You may have come across some google search tricks earlier on TechMilkyway. If you haven’t then you should read those google search tips. Continuing with it, here are few more advanced google search tips. Some are really useful and handy google search tips while others are fun to know and share with your friends.

Advanced Google Search Tips

1. Search for Famous Books

If you want to know all the books an author has written, then you can use this google search tip to know the same. Start typing in google:

books by author_name. Like books by Rhonda Byrne, books by Shakespeare etc.

2. Search for Songs in Google

You know how difficult it is to find songs online. Now no more browsing through all that sites to get to your favourite songs of a singer. Google is there to make it easy with its search tips and tricks. Like above type in google search:

songs by singer_name. Like songs by Shreya Ghosal or anyone you like.

3. Cricket Scores and Schedules

The game of cricket has craze all over the world. If you are too a fan of it, then this google search trick is for you. With this google search tip, you can find cricket scores and cricket schedules of all on going matches in a summarized way. Just type in google:

cricket score for scores of recent and live matches

cricket schedule for all the schedules of upcoming matches

4. Find Your IP Address

In simple terms, IP address is a set of numbers which is used to identify any device connected to Internet. Any device connected to Internet will have it. Want to know your IP address? Type in google:

my ip

5. Current Stock Market Details

Interested in stocks? Here is a google search trick which will give you nice graphical representation of stock details of your favourite company. Just type:

company_name stock. Like Apple stock, Reliance stock etc.

6. Google Cache

Did you ever clicked on a link on google search result to find that the visited site is offline or down for some reason? Still if you want to check something on the site, you can do it through google cache. Google caches the pages of all the sites of the internet so that they can be viewed even when there’s some problem with the server. Just enter the word cache before your site url (website full address):

cache site_url or you can make a normal search and click on the down arrow at the end of url and click cached.

7. Solve Mathematics Problems

Google can even solve math problems for you and help you in your homework. Just type:

solve figure_name

Like solve cylinder or solve circle. In the result you will find option to give inputs and get outputs. Also there is a option to find different parameters related to a figure like area, volume, surface area etc directly in the result.

8. Find Flights

With this google search tip you can find all the flights from a place to your destination. Suppose if you want to find the flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, type in google:

flights from Hyderabad to Delhi

Clicking on more option at the bottom the result will get you further details.

9. Find Restaurants Near by

Like Chinese food? Or want to taste Italian one. You can find the restaurants near by using this google search tip. Just type:

Chinese Restaurant or Italian Restaurant

Also you will find a map at the right of the results so that you can easily locate the restaurant and navigate towards it.

10. Distance Between Two Places

Planning for a holiday and want to know the exact distance between your city and your dreamland? Here is the google search tip in action:

distance between <source> to <destination>

e.g. distance between Delhi to Mumbai. To help you further, you will also find a guiding map from your source to destination at the right.

 11. Time Zone of a Place

With this google search tip you can find how much ahead or behind is the time at a place. It will give you the time zone (pre-defined longitudes) to which that particular area belongs. Type in google:

<place> time zone

Like Washington time zone or India time zone.

So these were some of the advanced Google search tips. One thing to note here is that most of the search tips work when you have turned ON the location option of your google search. They work only when you have allowed Google to access your location. You can turn it on by going to gear icon>search settings>location. Liked the post? Then hit the sharing buttons and show it to your friends 🙂

Aircel Free Internet Tricks – Unlimited Internet

Today I shall tell you all about how to get free internet in aircel. Increase in the usage of smartphones has paved way for increasing demand for internet. And many of us want it for free. So today, I will not only tell you about aircel free internet tricks but also how to find these free internet tricks on your own! These aircel free internet tricks are not related to any proxy kind of thing.

These are the official offers of aircel, which if used wisely, can get you free internet on aircel. This free internet can be limited or unlimited, it depends on you i.e.. how wisely you utilize the official offers to get free Internet. Don’t forget to read the end of the post as the real trick for free internet lies there. So now let’s dive into our aircel free internet tricks. Before that let me tell you that these tricks worked on my home circle i.e., Andhra Pradesh. USSD codes may change from circle to circle. So, check them in your circle.

Aircel Free Internet Tricks

Aircel Free Internet Tricks

Aircel is the best known for its cheap 3G internet plans. If you live in a city and use a smartphone for accessing internet, then aircel is the best fit for your need. Though the speed is not as high as Airtel and Idea, it does not matter a lot. To browse the internet and use your favourite social media sites, it does not matter much whether you use 1Mbps speed or 8 Mbps speed. Speed matters much only while downloading.

1. Aircel Morning 3G:

Aircel is offering this morning 3G from many months but very less people are utilizing it upto its optimum. Here are few secrets.

Dial *122*456# to activate aircel morning 3G

This will activate morning 3G for one month, daily from 6 am to 9 am. You may be busy at these hours in the morning. So you can better use it for downloading. After one month, you can again activate morning by the USSD code *121*69#. This will activate the service for a week. You can repeat this on every week and get free internet in aircel.

Aircel morning 3G is only limited to 100MB per day. But here is a trick to cross that limit. ON hotspot of your phone and use that connection on your laptop or desktop to download from internet. This way you can download around 150-180 MB. I remember downloading 1GB one day and more than 2GB two times. 😛 Using multiple aircel SIMs, in the past six months I downloaded more than 80 GB using morning 3G alone! If you don’t have computer then you can cross the morning 3G 100MB limit by downloading and updating apps from Google Play Store. While trying to cross the limit, better you don’t browse the internet. Either download through laptop or update your apps. If you surf the internet then you MAY not be able to cross the limit.

One more tip! Use Internet Download Manager (IDM) or other download managers instead of direct download through browsers. That 2GB download was possible because of this only.

2. Buy New Aircel Connection

Second option to get aircel free internet is to buy a new aircel SIM. If you buy it from a shop,  you may not get many offers. So better buy it from that Chhatriwala in the street beside your home 😛 It is very cheap there. Also if 3G is not activated with the SIM, then you can get few more aircel official offers as first time 3G user. These codes earlier worked but don’t know about them now. Test them at low balance.*320*13# or *122*3344# or *!22*3300#.If these doesn’t work, do not worry. Just make a google search and you can get many such working codes for your circle.

3. Aircel Handset Offers

Another awesome way to get aircel free internet. You can use your aircel SIM with different types of phones to get free internet. For instance, when you insert a new aircel SIM in Micromax phones, you get 100MB per day for 15 days. Additionally sms MICROMAX to 121 and you will get 1GB data each month for 3 months. Isn’t that a good offer?

  • Also try ANDROID to 121 or WINDOWS to 121

Also when you buy Micromax phones from Snapdeal (online shopping portal), you get promocodes which can be used to get the same offer as above. Not only Micromax but there are also offers for other phone brands. Here is the link for AP circle aircel handset offers:

4. Aircel Offers Only For You

Every aircel number has some offers especially dedicated to that number. Dial *121# and choose Offers for You option to see what are your offers. Also sometimes you get to know about such offers through SMSes from aircel. Do pay some attention to those messages. Not all of them are bad! If you have activated DND on your phone, then you will not be able to know about such offers through SMS as you have blocked all the telemarketing calls and messages. So better not activate it or if you really want to activate it you can partially activate DND.

5. Double Talktime in Aircel

You may be thinking that this is not a free internet trick as we have to pay here. You are right but by the end of the post you will get to know that it is also free. Recently heard of this double talktime plan in aircel, activated it and enjoying a lot. To activate this:

Dial *122*01#

You will get double talktime for every recharge of Rs 50/100/200. This plan together with some other tricks can get you aircel free internet. And best thing is that you can use it anytime in the day unlike morning 3G which can be used only in the mornings.

6. Recharge Your Aircel Number Online

Recharge online here means two things. One is recharging your number through the aircel official website and the other is through third party websites like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc.

When you make your first recharge of 100 or above at aircel official site then you get a cashback of 50. Also you will more talktime on normal recharges as you need not pay much of the service tax. Good but not that interesting! But recharging through other third party sites will get you free recharge.

For instance, when you make your first recharge through Freecharge with Rs 10, you get a cashback of Rs 50 (a promocode needs to be entered). That sounds good. Now what if you create multiple freecharge accounts? You will get more right. You can use this money to activate internet plans. It is better than recharging at the shops. We talked only about freecharge. What if we do the same at all the recharge sites, atleast the famous and trusted ones? I cannot tell you about all the offers here but here is a link where you can find all the latest offers of Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc.

7. Recharging by Downloading Apps

To get to know about these type of apps you can read my post on android apps to get free recharge in your mobile. If you don’t own an android phone you can try Tata Docom GET App which works in any phone whether android, java or symbian and with any network docomo, aircel, airtel etc. The money you get here can be used for activating internet plans in aircel.

Occasionally, you can find some companies giving free recharge for downloading their apps. Unlike the above mentioned apps (which are giving recharge from many years), these type of apps give recharge for first time only. Earlier Gaana app gave Rs 50 for downloading it and now its finished. Now Timescity app is giving the same (to know more you can visit TechMilkyway Facebook Page). So keep an eye online for such offers now and then. And some of them you will find here too. 🙂

How to Get Unlimited Aircel Free Internet

There are more tricks to get free internet but the above were the important ones. As you may have noticed by now that not all the tricks make the internet free, we need to pay some amount for few of them. Like in the double talktime trick, you need to pay. But when it is combined with recharging online trick (and also other tricks) it will become free.

For example, when you sign up at Freecharge and recharge your phone with Rs 10, you will get Rs 50 cashback. Now if you have already activated double talktime plan, first you get a recharge of Rs 10 and when you recharge with Rs 50 you got at freecharge, you will get Rs 100 in your phone. So with 10 you are getting 110. Nearly free right? You can gain even more with multiple SIMs trick. You can even create multiple freecharge accounts and so on…

So the main idea lies in the sequence in which you are going to use these tricks. First which trick should be used, then which. Which tricks should be combined with other tricks and so on.. In the past 4 months I may have done Rs 700 free recharge. That is more than enough if used wisely. Now if you liked these tricks and gained something out of this post, do share this post with your friends at your favourite social media sites. Are there more tricks with you? You can always comment below. Your participation will greatly enhance this post and will make it more useful! Next time with something more… 🙂

Run C C++ Java Programs Without Computer

Not only these but you can also run Ruby, Pascal, PHP, Perl and many more. Wondering how is it possible? If you do not own a computer and you want to have a hand on these computer languages then surely you can’t hold your excitement to know how it can be done. Executing these programs is possible through online compilers. Yes, there are few websites which can compile and run your programming source code and display the output.

Learn C, C++, Java photo-

Best Online Compilers for Mobile Phones

[the_ad_placement id=”manual”]

There are many online compilers-,, to name a few. To know all of them you can make a google search as ‘list of best online compilers’. You will get quite a good list of them. But for mobile users, I have found two of them as the best ones. These two online compilers work in nearly any mobile phone with an internet connection. Thanks to these two online compilers that I have learned 50% of C programming! I too didn’t have a computer then, and I know how it feels to learn a programming language without even having a computer! Here are those two online compilers for the programming geeks.

This website, acting as an online compiler, is well known for its easy to use and understandable interface. Codepad is an online compiler/interpreter where you can run your code anytime within your mobile. Codepad supports C, C++, D, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP etc. You just need to write your code in the editor and click the submit button. sample photo

You can also use this website to store plain texts and codes. Similar to an online notepad. Create an account by simple registration and then you can manage all your codes and plain texts. You are also given ease to share your codes with your friends or other programmers using simple links. You can also get suggestions on errors on your source code directly through the site as there is a comment box always below your code where any other codepad user can comment. (Sorry to say that in India codepad has been blocked. Still you can use it using proxies but it may not work on low end phones.)

This online compiler is slightly advanced than codepad. It supports more languages and also you can give inputs during runtime using stdin option. It supports languages like C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, VB.NET, SQL, COBOL, Perl and many more.

One thing mobile users should note. If you are unable to run your source code using the editor, make sure that the ‘syntax highlight‘ option is unchecked. If you are unable to find syntax highlight option then click on more options and it will be there right under editor. Also if you find any problem running your code in mobile version, you can always switch to desktop version.

Snapshot of

Like codepad you can manage all your codes by registering an account. Apart from using email address you can also connect your facebook account to ideone.

Now it’s your turn. If you know any other online compiler which works well in mobile then you can always let me know using the comment box below. If you find it useful, utilize the social sharing buttons below to share it with your friends. And don’t forget to subscribe to my email newsletters and stay up-to-date.

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