Top Shopping Sites and Deals in India

If you regularly shop online, you should know about the best shopping sites in India based on product delivery, prices, customer support and many other factors. But, to know about the best online shopping sites is not that easy for someone who just want started with online purchases. A best online shopping can be judged on some factors which are to be looked at while shopping online. A few basic of them are:

1. Quality and genuineness  of the product being sold.

2. Appropriate price of the product.

3. Delivery options of the product.

4. Better customer support.

5. Warranty and replacements related to products.

There may be many more but these are the basic ones. So, based on these let’s try to find few good online shopping sites in India.

Top Shopping Sites

1. Amazon

Amazon can be termed as best of all the shopping sites. It has delivery options to many places in India. Also majority of the items are shipped for free, no shipping and handling charges are involved. Further, it has good customer support and is quite user friendly. Amazon has become even more famous after its launch of Indian version of Amazon ( Best thing here is that the products are genuine and the prices are not altered. If you decided to shop at amazon, the first place you need to visit is the Amazon Daily Deals page. Amazon also has hourly deals, lightening deals, happy hours deals and much more.

2. Flipkart

Can be called the second leading site after amazon. There are many sellers associated with flipkart but WS Retail is the best. WS Retail has all the features and services like amazon. So, if the seller of your product is WS Retail then you can definitely buy it. Other sellers few services and often it is not fast and customer satisfactory. One bad thing about flipkart is the prices of the items are often altered. Price will be quite higher than the usual. For best deals related to flipkart, you can check the Offers Zone page of Flipkart.

3. Ebay

Ebay stands next in the list of online best shopping sites. The good thing about this site is that if you are unable to find a product you were searching for in amazon and flipkart, you can be sure to find it at ebay. Ebay has wide range of products. The products are genuine but often there are delivery charges associated with it. For best deals at Ebay, please have a look at Ebay deals page.

4. Paytm

Starting as a mobile and bills payment site, Paytm has emerged into an online shopping portal. The company is interested in making Paytm as India’s No. 1 shopping site and is actively implementing it. Still it has a long way to go to become a trusted company in India. Delivery options at Paytm is too late, often more than 2 weeks. Mostly not prefered to buy high price products. Log on to Paytm site and check out the available deals.

5. Shopclues and Homeshop18

These two sites are just okay. Better than many fake sites in India. Many things get worse with these two sites. Mostly proffered for buying products which have less cost or costly products available at cheap rates. Some of the products are even fake. So search for cheap deals at Shopclues and Homeshop18, and if you find worth buying (even if the product is not genuine) then you can go ahead and buy it.

See you all again. Next time with even more useful and interesting. 🙂

30 Tips to Save Battery in Android Phones

Android, android and android! Everywhere in the market you find android phones. Android phones have replaced all other phones with their awesome look and features. Even the prices have reduced very drastically. But the most worrying thing in android phones is the battery life. Most of them rarely last more than a day. This makes us use the android battery very judiciously.

So, to use the battery of your phone more judiciously, you should be aware of all the ways which drain your battery. And also how to prevent the battery drain. Here is a checklist, you may find useful, to save battery in android phones. I have touched almost all the possible tips but still if something is missing, let me know through comments.

Tips to Prevent Battery Drain in Android Phones

Save Battery in Android Phones

1. Avoid using unnecessary widgets and live wallpapers. They drain battery very much.

2. There are few apps which drain more battery than others. Find some other alternate app(s) and avoid using such battery draining apps.

3. Don’t place your phone in heat. When temperature around the phone is high, the battery drains very quickly. So think twice when placing your phone inside your car which is standing in the hot sun!

4. Use airplane or flight mode when required. When you don’t use your phone (like in a meeting or class), better turn on the airplane mode which saves the most your battery.

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5. Don’t run too many apps in the background.

6. If none of the above and below tips work for you, then consider buying spare battery.

7. I know how much it’s irksome to keep a spare battery and replace it in your phone everytime. Try power banks instead (also called portable charger, see above image). You can get power banks online for low cost and charge your android phone anytime anywhere.

8. Reduce screen brightness and use vibration mode only when required.

9. If your phone is rooted then you can try some special apps (like Greenify) which helps in reducing battery drain. You can also consider flashing your phone with some custom ROM (like CyanogenMod) which utilizes your battery more efficiently.

10. Check whether you have your wifi turned on. If it’s on, then turn it off as it drains your battery a lot.

11. Nothing drains your battery faster than the hotspot or bluetooth tethering in your phone. See that it’s not turned on.

12. Internet especially 3G and 4G utilizes more battery. When you do not require high speeds (for normal browsing), better to use 2G instead of 3G and 4G.

13. Dual SIM phones use more battery than single ones. If you don’t use the second SIM often, then consider deactivating it whenever it is possible.

14. When your phone is in Roaming, there is continuous switching between different networks. Your phone searches for network signal very often which drains more battery. So, if you don’t find signal in an area, better to turn the phone off or ON the airplane mode while in Roaming.

15. From above tip you may have known by now that even if you are in your home network but if you have poor signal then also it may drain more battery (phone constantly searches for signal). So use such SIMs which have full strength signal in your area.

16. If you don’t require stop GPS and location detection in the phone.

17. Reduce your screen timeout to minimum.

18. Make use of standby mode. Simply press the power button and your phone goes into standby mode.

19. Reduce notification frequency of the apps. Notifications at an interval of 1 hour is sufficient for most of the apps (may not be applicable to whatsapp, hike, facebook etc).

20. Update your apps. Applications often get updated to use less battery power. But turn off automatic updates. Few apps get updates very frequently and if automatic updates is turned on, then there will always be something running in the background to drain your battery. So once every month update all your apps manually.

21. Few people even say, Use darker themes and darker apps.

22. Use batteries recommended by your phone manufacturing brand. Though third party batteries are cheap and easy to get, using them may not work well with your device.

23. If there is Power Saving Mode option in your phone (present in few phones with latest android updates), then use it.

24. Turn off auto sync option for your Google accounts, Dropbox and other cloud services.

25. You can also root your phone and remove all those blotware which come pre-installed in your phone. Some of those apps use more battery and are often unnecessary.

26. Stop continuously playing games, music and watching videos for long time. The more you do these things, the more the battery gets drained.

27. While taking photos use the camera and the flash very judiciously.

28. Never overcharge your battery. Some say that it decreases your battery life and you get poor performance from it. Check it out and see if true or not.

29. Use good phones. Phone manufacturers cannot always be trusted. Battery measuring units(mAh) being same, some phones give better battery power than others. So, choose good ones.

30. If your ultimate goal is to save the battery, just switch the phone off!

If you follow all these tips, then surely there is no use of owning an android phones. It will be same like using the earlier box type phones. What’s the point in owning an android and not using GPS, 3G, Hot-spot, multiple apps, auto sync etc? Right? So just follow those things which you think are necessary and applicable to you. Now do you have in your head, few more awesome tips to save battery in android phones. Then you are genius man! Awaiting your tips in the comments.

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Casio fx-991ES Trick to Surprise Your Friends

Friends here I show you a simple but awesome CASIO fx-991ES trick. Just learn this trick and show it to your friends and get an awww……..:)  from them. So get ready to surprise your friends.

Casio FX991ES

But before we proceed, let me tell you something. This trick works in CASIO fx-991ES (and not in CASIO fx-991ES plus) and I have manually tested it. So read the following simple steps ‘carefully’ and do exactly as specified. For simplicity and better understanding, and to avoid confusion I have arranged the trick in step by step manner.

  1. First set your calculator on default mode i.e., comp, degree and MthIO mode. If it’s not set then press shift >>press 9 >> press 3 for ALL >>press=>>press AC key now default mode is set.

  2. Now write pol(0,1).  Shift >> + key>> 0 >>shift >> ‘)’ key (or  X key) >>1>> ’)’  key.

  3. Press =

          You will get r=1, angle(theta)=90 degree  as output.

  1. Press AC.

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  2. Press fraction key 10 times.

  3. Press the right key on the REPLY button until you reach down and get out of the fraction.

  4. Press 1.

  5. Press x^(power) button,(above sin button).

  6. Press = . You will get a syntax error but no problem, proceed.

  7. Press  AC .

  8. Press up key on reply button, output will be pol(0,1).

  9. Press AC

  10. Press left key three times.

  11. Press DEL to delete 1 . It should appear

         R=1,angle(theta)=90 degree.

  1. Press fraction key.

  2. Press 1 in numerator.

  3. Come down and press 1 in denominator.

         Output: 1/1 r=1, theta= 90.

  1. Press =

  2. Press Abs key or (shift >> hyp key) five times.

  3. Press under root key until the magic occurs.

Do the above steps as it is and see what happens. Many have reported that this trick also works in fx-570ES and fx-85ES. Check it in your calculator and let me know about it through your comments. Don’t like reading? Want some visual stuff. Here is a YouTube video which will demonstrate exactly how to do this Casio trick.

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Easiest Way to Download Youtube Videos in Mobile

We all know that youtube is the home of videos. Any video we need, we just visit youtube, search for it and watch it. Many times you may have watched a video, liked it and wanted to download it. But youtube does not provide any downloading option. But fortunately, it is possible to download youtube videos and there are many ways to do it. But many of them don’t work with mobile phones. Here I share with you a simple way to download youtube videos in mobile phone whether it is a smartphone, java phone or any other phone with just an internet connection.

The best part of this method is that you can download the videos in the format you like or need. And also you no longer need to copy and paste the url of the youtube video into other site to download it. By this way users of opera mini who do not have copy and paste option (opera mini 4.1 and other similar versions) can download youtube videos. So lets see how exactly to do it.

Whenever you watch or view a video page in youtube, you will see its url in the address bar something like:

youtube url……………..

Now delete everything before youtube. Now the url looks like:………

Now just add ss before youtube as:………

Now press go or enter to visit the address you have just written. Then you will be taken to a page where you can download the required video in the format you like.

Youtube Video Download

Hope you all like and enjoy the trick! Don’t forget to share!