Casio FX991ES

Casio fx-991ES Trick to Surprise Your Friends

Friends here I show you a simple but awesome CASIO fx-991ES trick. Just learn this trick and show it to your friends and get an awww……..:)  from them. So get ready to surprise your friends.

Casio FX991ES

But before we proceed, let me tell you something. This trick works in CASIO fx-991ES (and not in CASIO fx-991ES plus) and I have manually tested it. So read the following simple steps ‘carefully’ and do exactly as specified. For simplicity and better understanding, and to avoid confusion I have arranged the trick in step by step manner.

  1. First set your calculator on default mode i.e., comp, degree and MthIO mode. If it’s not set then press shift >>press 9 >> press 3 for ALL >>press=>>press AC key now default mode is set.

  2. Now write pol(0,1).  Shift >> + key>> 0 >>shift >> ‘)’ key (or  X key) >>1>> ’)’  key.

  3. Press =

          You will get r=1, angle(theta)=90 degree  as output.

  1. Press AC.

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  2. Press fraction key 10 times.

  3. Press the right key on the REPLY button until you reach down and get out of the fraction.

  4. Press 1.

  5. Press x^(power) button,(above sin button).

  6. Press = . You will get a syntax error but no problem, proceed.

  7. Press  AC .

  8. Press up key on reply button, output will be pol(0,1).

  9. Press AC

  10. Press left key three times.

  11. Press DEL to delete 1 . It should appear

         R=1,angle(theta)=90 degree.

  1. Press fraction key.

  2. Press 1 in numerator.

  3. Come down and press 1 in denominator.

         Output: 1/1 r=1, theta= 90.

  1. Press =

  2. Press Abs key or (shift >> hyp key) five times.

  3. Press under root key until the magic occurs.

Do the above steps as it is and see what happens. Many have reported that this trick also works in fx-570ES and fx-85ES. Check it in your calculator and let me know about it through your comments. Don’t like reading? Want some visual stuff. Here is a YouTube video which will demonstrate exactly how to do this Casio trick.

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10 thoughts on “Casio fx-991ES Trick to Surprise Your Friends”

  1. Wow, I wonder how just pressing of bunch of keys could do a magic! Really surprised to know that it works. I did exactly as you said and my calci screen showed something I can’t believe. Thanks…

  2. @Sagar Timalsina at 14th step when you delete 1, it should display r=1, theta(greek symbol)=90 on the screen. If its not displaying then either u have done the previous steps wrong or your calci does not support it. Step 15 and after steps are very clear. But still if u are facing problem, I shall a upload a video for you soon. 🙂

  3. Sorry . I don’t got it .
    It doesn’t display r=1, theta(greek symbol)=90 on the screen . I would be graceful if u upload a video for me . please

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