Togo Solar: Solar Charger for Your Phone

You may have read my previous article on how to save battery in android phones. Their one of the things I mentioned to save battery was to use power banks or portable chargers. Here is a similar portable charger but it utilizes the solar energy. Normal power banks are portable but even then we need to search some power socket to charge itself. With a solar charger, this isn’t any problem as you can charge it anywhere and that too for free.

Togo Solar | Solar Power Made Practical and Convenient

Solar charger for android TOGOSOLAR_1

Togo Solar is a practical, efficient, high watt solar charger. With portable power sources being a thing of necessity these days, Togo Solar has made one of the best resources for power utilizing the sun, while making life much easier for those living on the go. Charging is continuously monitored utilizing the Togo Solar app via bluetooth compatibility so while your solar panel is resting in the sun, you can relax in the shade. With measurable meters on the app, you have the capability to see how full of a charge the sun is giving you, and see if your solar panel is in optimal sunlight. Togo Solar powers the included BOS battery pack, which gives you up to THREE full phone charges.

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Many solar panels today are a shot in the dark. When you pull them out of their large, bulging cases, you lay them flat on the ground in hopes to get optimal sunlight. With Togo Solar, the small, smooth plastic case lets you point the solar panel directly at the sun, giving you optimal sunlight. When not in use, Togo Solar folds up and sits comfortably into the carrying case, which in turn slides right in to your bag. Togo Solar is 50% smaller than any other solar panel on the market.

Co-founders Albert and Leroy were working 100 feet away from each other for five years before they finally teamed up to create Togo Solar. They have over 10 years experience creating energy -harvesting devices using field power sources working on Army/Special Forces progress and consumer products. When smartphones and tablets became super popular, they knew they had insights on practical mobile power, specifically solar chargers, that no one else had. So together, they created Togo Solar.


You can find more info on Togo Solar at Kickstarter.

Twitter Rolling Out Sending Direct Message To Anyone

Presently, there is a lot of talk going on among twitter users about Twitter Direct Messages. Twitter is slowly rolling out an option to its users to send direct message or DM to anyone whom they follow. Earlier you were able to send DM to only those persons who followed you but they can’t send a message to you unless you too follow them. It’s appearing similar to instant messaging platform where your twitter profile and login credentials will be used.

Twitter Direct Message

This step by twitter may be a killing to many twitter profiles. Since anyone can DM you, there will be a huge amount of spam through this additional feature. It may be beneficial to the companies maintaining twitter accounts for their customer support purposes. Now their customers can contact them directly without the need of the company to follow each and everyone of their customers on twitter.

direct message dialogue box
Image credit: search engine journal

At present, this feature is not available to all but slowly it will become a feature of every twitter account. Users will have a choice whether to receive DMs from anyone or not. Hope they don’t make it default to receive DMs else there may be a lot of spam on these accounts. Many users are reporting that they are unable to send links through DMs. This may be on part of twitter to protect their users from malicious links. Presently direct links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are supported. Also email address can be sent. Twitter has to think some alternative regarding this else it would be a great hindrance to its users to send links to their fellow users.

This new feature did not taste well to many twitter users. It has been a talk of the town that twitter has initiated this move to tackle its decreasing users of messaging due to other popular messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc. So twitter is providing this premium feature to its users for free unlike the instant messaging apps of Google Play where we need to pay for some additional features.Twitter is now thinking to boost its messaging platform. May be they come out with something more surprising than now.

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