16 Useful Facebook Tricks You Never Knew

Facebook is the most addictive social media site. Its users have increased enormously. With this increase in the users, there is also an increase in the monthly searches related to facebook tricks. Few of the internet users even search on a daily basis for facebook tricks. Here I present the 16 facebook tricks which I found during my journey over the internet and few of them through experience. So let’s begin!

Why Should You Read These Facebook Tricks?

Reading these facebook tricks will enable you to do things which are not currently supported in facebook say creating hyperlink with custom anchor text. Also you will increase your knowledge base related to facebook. These facebook tricks will also help you to cross the restrictions present in facebook mobile version like switching to desktop version, tagging friends, finding facebook id etc. If you were in search of these, then read on. 🙂

Facebook Tricks

1. Use Multiple Line Comments in Facebook Chat

Once I logged into my facebook account and found 9 new messages. When I opened them, all were from the same friend of mine! Many facebook chat users try to send messages in multiple lines and end up sending multiple messages. Now use this trick and get out of this problem. After writing a line of message, press SHIFT+ENTER. Pressing ENTER will submit the message but SHIFT+ENTER will bring the cursor to next line!

2. Know Your Facebook Profile/Page ID Easily

Every facebook profile or facebook page has a unique ID. If you don’t have a username then you can directly find your ID in the url of your facebook profile/page. It is a big number at the end of the profile or page url. Now if you have a username, then your facebook url will contain your username instead of ID. Here is an easy way to know your facebook ID.
Just copy your facebook profile or page url and paste it at Findmyfacebookid.com. You will get your ID in a second!

3. Use Profile Images as Emoticons

Emoticons are emotion icons, very small in size. To make emoticon of your profile pic while chatting, just write in the comments this code [[username/ID]]. Inside the double square brackets write your facebook profile/page username. You can also use your ID instead of username (get your id from above trick).

4. Make Your Profile Picture Unclickable

Some of the facebook users are serious about their privacy and don’t want anyone to copy or download their profile pic, particularly girls. So to do it, go to your profile photo and click on privacy settings, a small globe icon around the pic. Then select from the list ‘Only Me‘.

5. Post Blank Status Update and Blank Comments

Normally it’s not possible to post blank status. Not even a status starting with a blank line! But using this you can do it. Just write @[0:] (with/without space after colon) wherever you want a blank line. Write @[0:] in many number of lines for a blank box. You can also use @[2: ] (space after colon) and @[3: ] (space after colon).

6. Show Online Presence to Only Selected Friends

Many times we feel to show our online presence to only few friends or hide our presence from few friends while using facebook chat. Go to your timeline and click ‘options’ on the right, under chat. Click on advanced settings and select from whom you want to hide.

7. Log Out From All Other Devices

Often we use use facebook in internet cafe or in our friends laptop or mobile and forget to log out. And you know how much you will be troubled if anyone gains access to your account. Well you can avoid this type of situation with this facebook security precaution.

Click on the downward arrow on top right corner of your timeline. Click on settings>>security tab>>active sessions>>end all activity. You will successfully get logged out from all other devices, now just relax!

8. Tag Friends in Status Update

Many users think that they can tag friends only on their photos (particularly mobile users). But it can be done even with a status update. Desktop users can directly select the first option ‘tag’ for this purpose. Mobile users search for ‘more options’ in the area where you update status. Click it and then select ‘tag friends’. Now tag your friends, write the content and update!

9. Open Facebook Desktop Version in Mobile

Sometimes you need to access desktop version which facebook does not allow. But you can still access it with this trick. Logic is to use that facebook url(s) which does not have its corresponding mobile friendly url. Here are few of them which I often use.

If you know more urls similar to these, comment below. Let all of us know it!

10. Provide Links to Your Friends’ Profile Using Their Names

Desktop users just type @ followed by your friend’s name, a link will be inserted. Mobile users can try this code @[facebook_id:]
Inside the brackets use your friend’s facebook id which you can get from the above trick.

11. Use Hyperlinks With Custom Anchor Text

You may have seen few status updates with ‘continue reading’ at bottom. But when you click it, instead of getting the whole post you land on some facebook page! ‘Continue reading’ was anchor text here and the link behind it was the hyperlink. This is done by using this code @[ID:] @@[0:[ID:1:your anchor text]]
Replace ID with id of any facebook profile or facebook page.

12. Subscribe to All the Notifications of a Page

Ya, facebook has now added this feature. Now you can get notifications of everything happening in your fan page. Facebook will notify you whenever a status is updated or photo is uploaded in your fan page. Just go to your fan page and look for the ‘like’ button. Hover over the like button and then select from the drop down menu ‘get notifications’.

13. Send Files in Facebook Chat

Instead of sharing your file through email, you can use this to share your files directly using chat box. Open the chat box of the person with whom you want to share your file. Then select ‘options’, a wheel icon at the top of chat box. Choose ‘add files’. Attach your file and then send it.

14. Schedule Your Facebook Posts

To do this firstly go to your facebook timeline. Please note that you go to your timeline and not your facebook home. Write your post and click on the clock symbol below it. It is the second icon from bottom left. Now select your preferred date and time. Submit your matter and your posts are now scheduled.

15. Use Colorful Text in Facebook

Facebook still does not provide colorful text options to the users. But if you need some colorful text in your status update or while chatting, here is the code [[f9.ch@]]. Replace @ here with your required character. Like for displaying VINAY I need to write [[f9.chv]] [[f9.chi]] [[f9.chn]] [[f9.cha]] [[f9.chy]]

16. Show More Posts in Your Facebook Page

If you manage a facebook page, then you may have noticed that in mobile view only one post is displayed in the first page. And as you know, this one post will not be sufficient to let your visitors know what type of content your page has. With this trick you will be able to show two latest posts. What should you do? Nothing! Just pin your first post (or any other post)! Click down arrow at top right of the post, select pin at top and you are done.

Did this list become huge? Ok, stopping here but still I have many more tricks for you and if you want to know all of them, stay tuned with my facebook page.

I talked a lot and now passing the ball over to you. Let me know any more tricks you would like to share through the comments below! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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