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How to Unlock App Lock Without Password

Wondering how to unlock app lock without password in android phones? Is it possible to bypass the Applock folder-lock on apps without even knowing the password? Yes, it is possible, and here it is how. It is very annoying to see every app locked by Applock in your friend’s phone and you want to access it for some reason. If your friend is nearby then he may tell you the password but what if he isn’t and you really want to use the phone right now (maybe for booking the last movie ticket)? In such cases, you may find this trick to unlock app lock without password very useful.

unlock applock without password

How to Unlock Applock Protected Apps

So, how to unlock Applock? It is very easy, and you can do it in just seconds. You can use the below two tricks to unlock the Applock.

Trick 1:

Long press the Applock icon in the app drawer and uninstall it. Problem solved! Now since there is no Applock, no password is required, and you can access any app or folder on the phone. You can also uninstall the Applock by going to settings>>apps>>applock>>uninstall. After you finish the work, just reinstall the app.

Now, what if you don’t want to uninstall the app? Read on.

Trick 2:

  • Go to Settings>>Apps>>All apps
  • Find the Applock app in the list
  • Tap on Freeze or Force Stop

That’s all. Now the Applock app will be stopped or froze. That means it will not work for now. Now you can open any app on the Android phone which was protected by Applock earlier. It will not ask for the password now. Once you finish the task, you can tap the Applock icon in the app drawer or home screen to open it. Now the Applock will move from freeze state to running state and normally work like earlier asking you for a password. This way your friend will not even know that you unlocked app lock without even knowing the password.

Applock Advanced Protection

So now you know how to unlock app lock. But what if you don’t want to become a victim of this. There are few measures here which will protect the Applock app from being opened without a password.

Password Protect Settings App

One way is to use a password lock for Settings app using Applock so that no one can uninstall or force stop it. But still it is not very effective and fully protected. No one can force stop Applock by going to Settings app. But it can be easily uninstalled from the phone by long pressing Applock icon in app drawer and tapping uninstall. So it’s limited protection.

Hide the Applock Icon

Going a step further, you can hide the applock icon from the home screen so that no one can uninstall it from app drawer by long pressing. Open your Applock app. Go to Settings>>Settings Icon>>Check Hide Applock option. Now Applock icon will disappear from the home screen and no one can see it. Now we are fully secured.

If you want to unhide Applock then you can do either of these:

  • Go to Phone app and dial *#*#12345#*#*. It will open the Applock app.
  • Go to Browser (or any other like Chrome) and open For this to work, you need an active Internet connection.

Making Applock Device Administrator

After installing the Applock app, you can make it a device administrator so that no one can uninstall or freeze it. Go to Settings>>Security>>Device Administrators, you should find applock option there. Give applock the administrative rights by checking the applock option.

Using Applock Advanced Protection App

There is also an inbuilt option in Applock which when enabled prevents other from uninstalling or freezing the Applock. Go to Applock>>Settings>>Settings Icon>>Check Advanced Protection. Doing this will download a side app for Applock called Advanced Protection which prevents other from uninstalling or freezing the app. This app works in a similar way as above by getting the administrative rights on your phone and controlling system functions like installing, uninstalling, etc.

That’s all for now as this post on how to unlock Applock without password has become smaller and how to secure Applock has become longer  Share this post with your friends on your favourite social networking sites or via email. I think you will share this post with your friend only after trying it on him/her 🙂


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49 thoughts on “How to Unlock App Lock Without Password”

  1. I use android app protector and this trick is not working. If i press force stop , it will ask for password still. I found a way to prevent users from uninstalling the app. It was in the app, it simply won’t allow you to uninstall this app because it will lock the Android package install app with the password. 🙂

  2. Its very easy just restart the phone and before the background service of app lock restarts go in settings and forcestop or uninstall

  3. 1.A good notes how to unlock the applock.But using the same app lock there can be a password for settings too,this cant be retrived easily and needs a lock .

    2.if settings lock is retrieved ,instead of force stop ,clear data can be done by going to application manager-apps-applock-clear data.Now the lock will be removed.

  4. if the settings is locked and app lock is hidden what can I do. Can anyone suggest me any way to uninstall this.

  5. I just forgot my applock password. I need the files which i locked in applock. Unfortunately I entered my email id wrongly during installation, So there is no option for me to recovery the password.

  6. please i need your help I have a phone motorola G I got settled in my company but the application of AppLock now everything is blocked does not allow me to enter any application including adjustments. Now do not let me enter anything.

  7. Hi vinay, my husband won’t let me to touch his mobile, sometimes I get the chance to take his mobile but his mobile and gallery, whatsaap, file manager etc.. is secured with different passwords please help me I have a strong feeling that he is cheating me..please tell me any idea by which I can unlock his all aaps, and check his mobile.
    deadly waiting for your reply

    1. Simply attempt to share any file in the phone when data or wifi is active and this will take you to whatsapp or facebook bypassing applock

  8. how can i open the files of applock on the computer screen if i am having password or not. further i want to knw how if i have copied the locked files on the computer how can i open them

  9. I want to unlock an app from applock. But i dont want to uninstall it. It also has advanced protection app of applock. Pleae help mee


  11. I am using cm security. I have locked the whatsapp by this app.
    Now I am trying to force stop the cm security and trying to open whatsapp.
    but it gets open for 2 seconds only.
    then again it ask for password. What to do to open whatsapp with out password.

  12. I downloaded whatsapp lock version 3.5.1 some months back. i forgot the password & recovery answer. now nothing works. I am not able to uninstall it even. kindly help on urgent basis

  13. I use applock. All things are locked even my setting and play store and i have hidden it that is i have to dial *#*#12345#*#* for it to open . But the thing is that i forgotten my password and cant get access to recovery methods.
    can someone plz help me

  14. my phone isn’t working and before I submit to get it repaired, is there a way if I can delete the applock files from my desktop computer. Need help on urgent basis.thanks much in advance

  15. 360 security lite app in my android phone is being ebabled my by mistake . Now it is not performing any activity .What should I do now .

  16. hey when i type my password right also the app is not getting opened i gave forgot option even in that my reset code is not sent i even tried to uninstall it in all ways its not working and then also delted its folder in file manager even that is not working what should i do pls help me out

  17. Thanks bro sharing this tricks with us please also find any way to bypass applock advancef protection too and write a tutorial on it i will thankful to you for that.Anyway thanks for this post.

  18. Hey vinay totally pulezed.mera app lock totally lock ho gaya us mara dail paid internet setting uninstal setting bii pr lock. Hai.,.muje helpbcheayea kyakarna cheayea me,

  19. 1.Open applock app if its not hidden.

    2. Click on the option forgot password on the top.

    3.send the reset code to your mobile

    4.if your email app also.locked try to open in your computer and reset it
    Thats all

  20. Hi, i have install locker master on my phone(samsung galaxy grand neo plus) and have install some theme. Then i try to unlock it, but it dosen’t accept my password. I think is because of the theme. But how to unlocked? Help please

  21. hey plz help me man My devil brother has locked everything with apps lock even all the browsers only Sim messaging n calling is not blocked except these two so plz help me how to unlock them i have tryed the dial pad one method but its not working my brother has hidden the appslock too plz help me man plz

  22. My sis has putted a password on all the apps including settings and even if I try to uninstall a app it ask for password, gotta fed up of this, help me!

  23. There is one more trick is there. 100% working trick.

    Just boot into safe mode in android.. Uninstall the app(no passwrd asks) then reboot and use whatever you want.

    Search google for boot into safe mode.

    That simple.

  24. I’ve GT18262 and in this the app Lock’s force stopis not working and in device administration it wants password

  25. Dear Vinay,

    thanks for your guide i tried all the above and the last downloaded the es.file-explorer but saying the application is bind by supervision.

    your kind support

    with regards

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