How to Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts in Android Phone

Whatsapp Android AppPersonally tested on managing 4 whatsapp accounts simultaneously in my single android phone. And it worked smoothly using this android trick. You can maintain as many as you like. There are some ways to use multiple whatsapp accounts in dual sim. But the method I’m going to show you in a minute works even with single sim phones. But before proceeding, let me tell you that this method works only on rooted android phones. It’s because we are going to utilize an app for this trick and the app works only in android phones with root access. Unless a non-root version of this app is released, this trick can’t be used in all android phones. Root your phone so that you can take advantage of this trick. Not just for this one trick but for all the things rooting has to offer to make your life exciting!

Create Multiple Whatsapp Accounts using Titanium Backup

We are going to utilize Titanium Backup app for this trick. Most rooted phone users probably know what it is. Most useful app for full/partial phone backup, scheduled backup, storing system backup files and apps online, quick install and uninstall of apps, clearing cache and much more. But there is one more feature often overlooked. It is its ability to create many profiles of a single app. This is what we need exactly for our whatsapp. So let’s see how to create multiple profiles for whatsapp using titanium backup.
The homepage of titanium backup will be something like the above screenshot. There is a option in the homepage as”Active data profile”. Initially it well be ‘none’ if you have not created any. Just tap on ‘switch profile’ and create a profile. Do the same to create more data profiles. I have created 3 profiles in the screenshot below – Vinay, Kumar and Jaiswal.

Now go to ‘Backup and Restore’ tab. Tap on the app for which you want to create multiple profiles. In our case it’s whatsapp, so just tap on it.
Now swipe left to open ‘special feature’ menu. Select from the options ” Enable multiple profiles for this app “.
Now go back to titanium backup homepage (or overview tab) and tap on switch profile. Now activate that profile to which you want to associate the current whatsapp account. I have activated the Vinay profile.
Now go to whatsapp and open it. It should open normally. Now when you switch to other profile let’s say Kumar and then open whatsapp, you will see something which you usually see while creating new whatsapp account. Now create a whatsapp account with another number and it gets associated with the present profile you activated recently. You can do the same for more number of whatsapp accounts. I successfully created 4 such whatsapp accounts.

This method can also be applied to other apps like facebook, freecharge, browsers etc. This way you will be able to switch between multiple accounts without the need to login everytime. Saves time and gives you smooth user experience. This trick can also be used to keep multiple scores of a single game in your device. So next time you and your bro/friend play Temple Run, FIFA 14, GTA 5 or Asphalt 8, you can keep multiple scores of the game and find who did it better. You can also install apps which have been specifically built to maintain multiple whatsapp accounts. But why to download another app when you can do it through existing app. Getting any work done even in the limitations it’s challenging indeed! Well if you have not rooted your phone or don’t want to do it for some reasons, then you can try this method on Gizmostorm to maintain multiple whatsapp accounts (two accounts in specific).
Have any questions or you know few more ways to manage multiple accounts? Just drop them in the comment box below. Share it with your friends and enjoy the trick. Visit TechMilkyway regularly for more similar android app tricks. 🙂

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