Make call in Opera Mini Without Closing it

Make call in Opera Mini Without Closing it

Make call in opera mini without closing it. Sounds interesting! Friends as we all know Opera Mini is the most widely used mobile browser.It is because of its excellent user interface, high browsing speed and low data cost due to the compression of its pages. Many java phones and others too use it as their favourite mobile browser. But opera mini does not have a direct option to make a call from the phone while using the internet. This is not a problem to the phones which have a ‘minimizing application’ option. They can simply minimize the browser, make a call and then return to the browser. But what about those who do not have this minimizing option. And majority of them don’t have it!

It’s often very irritating to close the browser, make a call and then again open it. But there is a solution to solve this. Opera mini does not directly have the option to make a call. But still its there and hidden inside the browser. Many of you may have noticed it at times. Here is the trick to make a call without closing opera mini. It utilizes the hidden make a call option and Google calculator.
Make Call in Opera Mini Without Closing

Make Call in Opera Mini Without Minimizing it

Firstly open opera mini then go to Google search. Suppose you want to call to the number 812xxxxxx5.
Now just type 812xxxxxxx5+0= in Google search box and click the search button.
Now at the top of search results you will get something like:


Move your cursor over the number to want to make the call. Now your number will be highlighted. Just click it! Your call will be connected and you are ready to talk now.

To end the call press the ‘call end‘ button only once.

Alternately, you can also just type your required number in google search and click your number appearing in search results.

Another Trick to Make Call  in Opera Mini:

You can also try this code to make call to any number while on opera mini. Just type in the address bar wtai://wp/mc;<your number>. For example, if you want to call to 812xxxxxx5 type in address bar wtai://wp/mc;812xxxxxx5. Once you have typed this code, you need not type it again to make another call. Next time just type in address bar tel:<your number> like tel:812xxxxxx5. But if you have closed the browser then again you need to type the code for first call and the subsequent calls you can make by the tel: command.

Hope you all like and enjoy the trick. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on your favourite social media!

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