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About Me – Vinay Kumar Jaiswal

Vinay Kumar Jaiswal
Vinay Kumar Jaiswal

I’m Vinay Kumar Jaiswal,  the founder and author of the blog TechMilkyway. I started out blogging in the late 2013 by creating this tech blog. The kind of blog I chose was based on my interest and academics. At academics I’m a student of B.Tech. Computer Science. I live in Hyderabad, India. I love technology, reading books, solving puzzles and spending time online. If you want to know more about me or want to interact with me, you can always email me at vkjorder@gmail(dot)com. I’m also present at major social networking sites. Let’s get connected! Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn

About TechMilkyway.com

TechMilkyway.com TechMilkyway.com is a tech blog where you will find info on technology, android, mobile and computer tips and tricks, WordPress, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, free stuffs, few best buys and much more. Here you will find everything that we encounter on our way to the tech journey. TechMilkyway will also contain posts based on our readers’ interests and suggestions.

You, as a reader or a visitor, are also a  unified part of the TechMilkyway family. Without the readers what’s the fate of a blog? Who will appreciate a good article and who will find mistakes in them? As a blog member you can always suggest ideas to make up the blog even better, more useful and user friendly. You will highly benefit from this blog, it’s a promise, as you will always find unique, useful and fresh articles always coming up. Hope you guys enjoy your time here at TechMilkyway. Stay tuned!

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