5 Tips to Make Your Email Look Great

Whether you are a blogger, a digital marketer, or just a person who enjoys online communication, the art of writing great emails is what you should never forget about. And with 269 billion emails sent every day, you should somehow ensure that yours stand out.

So let’s look below at 5 tips on making your emails both attention-grabbing and visually delightful.

Tips to Make Email Look Great

1. Pick a catchy & relevant subject

Make the subject concise, clear and to the point. Let it be relevant to the content of your email. Email marketers suggest keeping it short, roughly up to 40 characters. This way it won’t be cut off by mobile email clients.

You can also experiment with your subject line by adding emoji. It will most likely make your email more eye-catching and fun-promising. Still, you should think whether this would be appropriate with all your potential recipients.

2. Keep it human

As Dale Carnegie pointed out, the sweetest sound to a person is her own name. Make sure you know your recipient by name. If you don’t, you should research — or ask.

You can use anything that you know about the person to make the conversation more human, whether it’s their location, job position or a specific hobby. The general rule is to write to a single person, not to a list of people.

Not to forget the most important — be polite. It has always worked well in any kind of communication.

3. Enhance readability with fonts

Avoid non-standard fonts, as well as mixing them in a single email. On the contrary, standard serif-sans fonts like Verdana, Tahoma, Open Sans, Helvetica, or even Arial will make the text more readable.

Your font size should be big enough as well; make sure it is no less than 13 pixels. Bigger fonts might work even better. Of course, your headlines must look larger than the main text.

4. Use images

Make your emails both interesting to read and pleasant to look at. Liven up your content with images. There are plenty of what you can use: stock photos, branded images, gifs, or internet memes with a custom caption. There are lots of free resources for this, such as pixabay.com, picjumbo.com, giphy.com, Meme Generator, to name a few.

Make sure that your images are all color consistent. If you have a logo, consider it being the reference point of your color palette.

5. Customize your signature

Whether you are promoting your brand or yourself as a professional, a finely crafted signature can be a powerful instrument of both conversion and engagement. Adding your contact information in the signature invites recipients to stay in touch with you. Placing a link to your latest blog post, scientific article, app or design will raise awareness of your work. You can find great examples of email signatures here. By the way you can use NewOldStamp and get a customized one for free.

People cherish their time and won’t spend it on something either not useful or not interesting. That’s why you are fighting for a person’s attention with every email of yours.

So put an effort into it — with a great subject, catchy images, readable fonts, your human voice, and a nice signature. Make sure your emails are visual and personal — this will help you win over a potential client, partner, or a valuable connection.

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