Android Apps for Free Recharge

5 Android Apps to Get Free Recharge

The idea of paying the mobile phone users for viewing ads, is trending these days. Even the bigger companies are getting involved in implementing this. Tata Docomo Get Easy Talktime App, Idea Madcall App are few apps the top brands started a few months before. If they are willing to pay you, then why not utilize this opportunity to pay your monthly mobile bills? Not the whole bill but atleast some part of it. Some of the apps pay you for downloading other smaller apps and trying them in your phone. So, do check out the following 5 android apps to get free recharge in your mobile phone.

Android Apps for Free Recharge

Get Free Recharge in Android Phones

These 5 apps really pay you very well, more than other similar apps that give free recharge. Further there are limited ads shown so that they do not overwhelm you. Apps are not listed in any order of priority, whatever’s coming to my mind first is listed first. So do check out all of them.

1. Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge App

Very funny app name, right? This app gives you free recharge for downloading a list of apps and using them for sometime. They also give weekly Rs 100 to some lucky users of the app. So, a double scope of getting free recharge. What’s special about this app is that it gives up to Rs 10 for each app you download. This is more than any other similar app can give. Downloading all the apps in the list may fetch you more than 150. I suggest you to try this app first, then go for other app.

Download Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge App from Google Play Store

2. Amulyam App

Similar to above app but pays you less than the Free Mobile Recharge App. But good thing is that the mobile recharge is almost instant. Recharge done is faster than all the other apps listed here. You are paid for downloading other apps and games, and trying them in your phone for some time. Minimum payout is Rs 10.

Download Amulyam App from Google Play Store

3. Madlock App

In terms of paying more, no other app can beat this. It pays out you lifelong unlike the above two apps which pay for a while for trying some apps. Unless no new app is listed for downloading, you will not be able to get free recharge. But Madlock pays you for viewing ads and not downloading any other app. This way you can get lifelong free recharge or atleast till the time the app is present. Here is a detailed info on Madlock app.

Free Recharge App – Get Free Talktime using MAdlock Android App

4. Eureka App

Similar to Madlock app. But here you get points for viewing the ads. These points can be redeemed to get free recharge or to buy discounted coupons and online items. Here is a detailed info on Eureka app.

Free Mobile Recharge in Any Android Phone using Eureka

5. mCent App

An app similar to Amulyam app but pays more than that. By downloading all the apps listed in the mCent app, you can get an instant recharge of more than Rs 100. Further if you refer your friend, he/she downloads the app and complete any of the offers listed there then you get Rs 50. So referring only two friends (which most of us can do) will get you Rs 100 instantly apart from the money you get by downloading the apps. I got more than 300 in just three days! You should also try it out.

Download mCent app from Google Play Store (Mobile Link)

Now don’t be selfish! Atleast tell your friends so that they too can enjoy free recharge using these apps ? Use the social buttons below to spread the word. Next time with some more ways to get free mobile recharge and free internet too. Don’t forget to subscribe to the free email alerts at the sidebar/bottom so that you don’t miss any free stuff. Stay tuned to TechMilkyway.

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  1. this article is seriously very helpful to get free recharge . These apps helped me a lot to get free recharge , but there are more free recharge earning apps. But still this article helps a lot


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