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Free Recharge App – Get Free Talktime using MAdlock Android App

I came across this android app which gives free mobile recharge to it’s users. It’s quite better than other apps which give free talktime. The good thing about this free recharge app for android is that you need not like any Facebook page nor you need to click some like buttons. There’s no need for you to helplessly share something in your social networking sites to get that free stuff. No need to work and sweat. Simply install this app and just relax.

Are you a Tata DoCoMo user? Then you should check this post on Getting free local and std minutes using Tata DoCoMo GET app. Will be a good combination along with the app I’m going to discuss now.
MAdlock Android AppComing to the app at hand, name of that free android app to get free recharge is MAdlock. Let’s see how it works. This app actually shows you few ads and you are paid for viewing these ads. Sometime in the day when you unlock your android screen, you will be able to see few great wallpapers. These wallpapers are nothing but the MAdlock ads. You can select your interest area after installing the app so that you will see only the ads which you really like. Some of the ads may even be of some use to you. If you engage with the ads you can even earn more than usual but remember do not spam.

The app promises that you can earn Rs 300 per month if you follow all the rules. But I promise that you can earn Rs 65 minimum per month guaranteed! This will be the minimum amount you can earn if you do nothing, not even engaging with the ads. But you surely can earn more than 300 by engaging with ads and referring your friends. Referring your friends will get you Rs 2 per referral (a new option recently added) and also you will get 10 percent of your friends income as referral income. The more you refer, the faster you will earn. You can recharge your mobile once you reach Rs 150 ( it has been reduced to Rs 30 in recent updates). You can also get the money transferred to your bank account if you reach a minimum of Rs 300. For the app to function properly atleast connect to internet a few times a month, so that it can download the ads and show you later when not connected to internet.

Invite Friends to MAdlock
Here’s a step by step way to install the app.

  1. Download MAdlock from playstore or download MAdlock apk directly from their site.
  2. Install the app on your android phone and fill the required details correctly.
  3. You can use my referral code 132VOW. At the time of writing this app, they used to provide Rs 10 extra if a referral code was used. Also Rs 10 for successful registration. Even if this extra bonus is removed or reduced in future, using a referral code still will get more advantage than not using it.
  4. Visit help section in the app to know more on different earning ways.

Have you used the app earlier? Then you can share your experience here. Install the app, come back and tell me how it was. Empty comment box is waiting for you below. 🙂 Share this post on your favorite social networks so that your friends take advantage of this app. Subscribe to the free email updates of TechMilkyway so that you don’t miss these type of free stuffs. Next time with a similar app….

NOTE: This app services have been stopped now by MadLock Technologies. Better you try other apps at 5 Android Apps to Get Free Recharge

8 thoughts on “Free Recharge App – Get Free Talktime using MAdlock Android App”

  1. I just discovered an app called mCent that gives you free mobile airtime for trying apps on your phone. Give it a try:

    it gives 20 rs for referance to friend it is higest amount given by any aap

  2. While searching on Google play store no app like mAdlock is coming..After searching on Operamini it is showing that this app has been removed from Google play Store..So now what to do..


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