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18 Google Search Tips for Your Daily Needs

Want Google to act on your finger tips? Of course it acts on our keystrokes, what’s new in it! But keystrokes are not important unless you know which key to strike when. I mean the commands you should enter from your keyboard so that google does what you want. Have a look at these google search commands or google search tips which will definitely help you in performing few of your daily tasks in a better way. What’s special about these google search tricks or tips is that you can find many useful things directly within the google search results page and without the need of visiting any website. Also you will save your valuable time. So, let’s not waste your time! πŸ™‚

Google Search Tips

1. Spell Check Using Google

Confused about spelling of a particular word? Know the correct spelling of a word using google. Just enter your word in google search box and voila! Get your correct word suggestion.
e.g. attendence

2. Use Google as an Online Timer

Need a online timer (or stop watch)? Well there is one with google. Just type in google search box:

set timer for <duration/time>

e.g. set timer for 2 minutes or set timer for 5 am

As soon as the timer completes the specified duration, it rings your computer bell and thereby alerting you. You can even stop and reset the timer. It works in pc and high end phones.

3. Use Google as a Calculator

Many basic (even few advanced) calculations can be done directly using google search. If you haven’t done it before, just try writing this in google search

tan(45 degree)*3+1= or (435*3)/5=

4. Use Google to Find Meaning of a Word

Do you want to know the definition or meaning of a word sitting at the back of your mind? Try the following syntax. Along with word definition, you will also find details on pronunciation, parts of speech etc. Here’s how to do it:


e.g. define:blog

5. Know Current Time of a Country/Place

If your watch/mobile doesn’t show up the correct time and you are not before television, then this google search tip may come to your rescue. Type in google search box:

time <place/country>

e.g. time hyderabad

6. Find Currency Rates Using Google

Compare the rate of one currency to other by this syntax directly in google search. To know how much is the value of a US dollar in Rupees, type:

1US dollar in rupee

Similarly you can write:

1 US dollar in euro

1 euro in Serbian dinar

1 rupee in Australian dollar etc.


7. Useful Conversions Using Google

A general case of the above search tip, can be used to convert the measurements of a physical quantity from one system of units to other. You may try these conversions:

km to m, cm to m, Celsius to Fahrenheit, kg to pound, foot to yard, amu to kg
or anything else that you want to know.

e.g. 100 m in km or 1 amu in kg

8. Search for Products in a Range

Looking to buy a phone in the range 10000 to 12000 rupees? Want to know if that particular branded item lies in the range of your budget. Well you can now easily do it on google by searching for:

<product name> in <start>..<end>

e.g. Android phone in 10000..12000

9. Get Weather Reports Using Google Search

No need to see newspaper or watch television for weather forecasts, unless you are not connected to internet. πŸ™‚ Google will do it for you. Using this search you can get details about temperature, humidity, winds, clouds etc of your chosen area. Just type:

weather <place>

e.g. weather Hyderabad

10. Use Google to Know Sunrise and Sunset timings

Searching for sunrise and sunset timings in the Panchang (Indian calender) daily? But did you ever look at your small screen under your pocket shouting to tell you what you are looking for! Type:

sunrise <place> or sunset <place>

e.g. sunrise Delhi or sunset Washington

11. Get Public Data of a country

Using this special search you can find public data of any country in google search itself. Google will show the statistics along with the year in which they were recorded and the source from where they were taken. Try these searches:

population of < country name>

president of <country name>

prime minister of <country name>

e.g. population of India

12. Capital of any Country/State

Ya, google is there to tell you all. You can easily find the capital of any country/state using google in a blink. Just type:

capital <country/state>

e.g. capital rajasthan


13. Find Roman Numerals of Any Number

It’s good to know that google can even convert any decimal number to its roman numerals equivalent. You just need to type:

<your decimal number> in roman numerals

e.g. 200 in roman numerals

Note: type roman numerals and not roman numeral.

14. Get Your Favourite Movie Details

With google you can find few details of your favourite movie or a movie you have watched recently. Just type:

cast <movie name>

e.g. cast dhoom 3

Not only about the actors of the movie, you can find even more details like director, producer, release date, any sequel of the movie etc. Type:

release date <movie name> for release date.

Similarly the words director, producer, sequel etc.

15. Translate sentences/words to other languages

You can translate words or sentences from one language to any other preferred language within google search. Start it right now by typing:

translate <your text> to <other language>

e.g. translate may i help you in hindi

16. Get Map of a Place

You can get a short map of your required place using this search tip. In pc, when this image is clicked, you will be directly taken toΒ  google maps where you can zoom the map or view its satellite version. Type:

map <place>

e.g. map Andra pradesh

17. Get Flight Timings

Digging websites to get flight timings specially in mobile is somewhat irritating. Try this and get out of your irritation. You can know details like flight source, destination, arrival time, departure time, present status etc. You just need to type the flight name in google search and hit enter.

e.g. Air India 466

18. Know Important Dates of a Year

We don’t always have a calender handy to check when is that particular festival this year. With google search it’s all possible. Try this:

festival <year>

e.g. ganesh chaturthi 2013


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  1. Hi Vinay,

    Good to be over at your blog too πŸ™‚

    This surely is a great post about wonderful Google search tips that we can all use. I think knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to use most of these features sometime or the other.

    I know I have used spell check long time ago, maps, searches, images….in-fact, all my research and other work are always done on Google. I haven’t tried out Bing as much as I try out Google.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Vinay,
    First of all I want to tell you that your blog is wonderful.
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