Advanced Google Search Tips

You may have come across some google search tricks earlier on TechMilkyway. If you haven’t then you should read those google search tips. Continuing with it, here are few more advanced google search tips. Some are really useful and handy google search tips while others are fun to know and share with your friends.

Advanced Google Search Tips

1. Search for Famous Books

If you want to know all the books an author has written, then you can use this google search tip to know the same. Start typing in google:

books by author_name. Like books by Rhonda Byrne, books by Shakespeare etc.

2. Search for Songs in Google

You know how difficult it is to find songs online. Now no more browsing through all that sites to get to your favourite songs of a singer. Google is there to make it easy with its search tips and tricks. Like above type in google search:

songs by singer_name. Like songs by Shreya Ghosal or anyone you like.

3. Cricket Scores and Schedules

The game of cricket has craze all over the world. If you are too a fan of it, then this google search trick is for you. With this google search tip, you can find cricket scores and cricket schedules of all on going matches in a summarized way. Just type in google:

cricket score for scores of recent and live matches

cricket schedule for all the schedules of upcoming matches

4. Find Your IP Address

In simple terms, IP address is a set of numbers which is used to identify any device connected to Internet. Any device connected to Internet will have it. Want to know your IP address? Type in google:

my ip

5. Current Stock Market Details

Interested in stocks? Here is a google search trick which will give you nice graphical representation of stock details of your favourite company. Just type:

company_name stock. Like Apple stock, Reliance stock etc.

6. Google Cache

Did you ever clicked on a link on google search result to find that the visited site is offline or down for some reason? Still if you want to check something on the site, you can do it through google cache. Google caches the pages of all the sites of the internet so that they can be viewed even when there’s some problem with the server. Just enter the word cache before your site url (website full address):

cache site_url or you can make a normal search and click on the down arrow at the end of url and click cached.

7. Solve Mathematics Problems

Google can even solve math problems for you and help you in your homework. Just type:

solve figure_name

Like solve cylinder or solve circle. In the result you will find option to give inputs and get outputs. Also there is a option to find different parameters related to a figure like area, volume, surface area etc directly in the result.

8. Find Flights

With this google search tip you can find all the flights from a place to your destination. Suppose if you want to find the flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, type in google:

flights from Hyderabad to Delhi

Clicking on more option at the bottom the result will get you further details.

9. Find Restaurants Near by

Like Chinese food? Or want to taste Italian one. You can find the restaurants near by using this google search tip. Just type:

Chinese Restaurant or Italian Restaurant

Also you will find a map at the right of the results so that you can easily locate the restaurant and navigate towards it.

10. Distance Between Two Places

Planning for a holiday and want to know the exact distance between your city and your dreamland? Here is the google search tip in action:

distance between <source> to <destination>

e.g. distance between Delhi to Mumbai. To help you further, you will also find a guiding map from your source to destination at the right.

 11. Time Zone of a Place

With this google search tip you can find how much ahead or behind is the time at a place. It will give you the time zone (pre-defined longitudes) to which that particular area belongs. Type in google:

<place> time zone

Like Washington time zone or India time zone.

So these were some of the advanced Google search tips. One thing to note here is that most of the search tips work when you have turned ON the location option of your google search. They work only when you have allowed Google to access your location. You can turn it on by going to gear icon>search settings>location. Liked the post? Then hit the sharing buttons and show it to your friends 🙂

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  1. Hi Vinay,

    Excellent post on searching Google. Truly speaking, many people don’t have any idea that Google can be searched in various different ways. Now, Google is not just a search engine, but a lot more than that. Your article definitely shades some light on this fact. I just found your blog on Twitter and got here. Nice blog.

    Have a good day … Tamal


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