Read PDF on any Java Phone

Best Way to Read PDF on Java Phone (or any phone)

Read PDF on any Java Phone

If you have an android, an iphone or a computer with you, then its really very easy to read any pdf file or an ebook. You just need to install the related software or app, and you can straight forward view the pdf with just a click. Being a regular Java phone user, I found it quite difficult to read the pdf files and at times it was a great irritation to download a pdf containing what I was searching for. I found a java app named Mobile PDF Reader which can read pdf files but it too had a drawback. This app did not work with pdf files of large size. I began searching the internet expecting a solution to this problem but in vain. ๐Ÿ™

After a lot of search, I came to know about online pdf readers. I was new to internet then and was quite suprised to know that pdf files can be read online. This was the solution I was looking for-a solution independent of phone platform. Now atlast I got the way to read pdf on java phone. What was next! I began searching for websites which make possible to read pdf without any software or app. I got list of few websites which I could count on my fingers. I tested all of them and found two of them as best fitting solutions. One of them I explain here and the other next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Samurajdata website view

How to View PDF Files in Java Mobiles (or Practically in Any Phone)

Using this website you can view any pdf file or a pdf ebook directly in your browser without any additional software. You will also be able to view the images in the pdf and also view the original pdf design without any deviation from its original one. Further it works in android, iphone, pc and not to leave the java phones. Isn’t it cool? Now let me tell you the name of the website. It’s Samurajdata. Just visit the below link to view your pdf.

You just need to upload the pdf file and click view. Also you can provide the url of your pdf file which means you can view pdf files without uploading it. The technique here applied is that this site actually converts your pdf pages to images (jpg format). There are also options to view postscript and word documents. You can view them right in your browser or can download them to read later offline.ย Just take a note of the url of the webpage containing images of all your pdf pages. You can visit that particular url anytime and read your pdf . You can also share the link with your friends. This webpage will be available for 3 days after it was last viewed. Here is an example where I viewed the PDF ebook titled Problogging for Newbies written by Jane Sheeba, a famous blogger.

samurajdata view pdf example

Now one important thing for opera mini, uc browser or any other mobile browser users. The features of this website are obvious to desktop users but for mobile users it may not be clear. While clicking on the image in desktop it zooms but in mobile phone it doesn’t. So it will be quite difficult to read your file. But don’t worry. Here’s a solution. If your using opera mini, place your cursor on the image and press 1. Now select the last option i.e., open image. You are done. Do it in uc browser in a similar way. Now sit back and enjoy your reading!

I wrote this post because I personally found it so useful. Now if you find it useful, why don’t you share it with your friends? Use your favourite social buttons below, your friends are waiting to here you.ย If you are facing any problem implementing this, let me know through your comments and be sure to get a quick reply. Excited to meet you all in your favourite social networking sites! ย ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thanks Vinay for sharing this website. Yesterday, I was trying to read a PDF on my micromx canvas phone but the file was not opening. I even tried to download apps for pdf reader but it was not successful. I think, it will be better to take the help of this website.


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