How to Find Best Deals Online

Hello, friends! Today, in this post I will share with you a few tips and sources which will help you find best deals online. This post will be updated now and then as I find new ways to find the best online deals. Better bookmark this post so you can revisit this page whenever you need it.

How to Find Best Deals Online

Desidime Forum: Best Deals Site

If you haven’t visited this website called Desidime earlier, then you should visit it right now. In this forum, you will find a wide range of offers and deals from almost all the online shopping websites. All the deals, coupons and offers are posted by the huge number of forum users called dimers. These offers are better than what you normally get at any other coupon and offer websites. You can sign up at Desidime if you want to post deals you find so that others can make use of them. Here are the few things Desidime is popular for:

  • All the latest deals at one place. Finding an appropriate deal is quick and fast.
  • Deals and offers from almost all online shopping websites.
  • Everything is categorized which provides a good user experience.
  • Giveaways are conducted now and then for all the dimers.
  • Desidime has an android app as well. You can also subscribe to Telegram channel or get notified through Whatsapp.
  • Genuine reviews on products, stores, and sellers.
  • An open platform where you can make friends, start new discussions, ask questions and voice your opinions on topics apart from shopping, too.

Find Best Deals on Social Media:

You will find many deals on social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. Just do a search and you are good to go. If you find a few good ones, you can share them in the comments below.

Google Ads:

You may have observed the Google Ads appearing at the top when searching for something on Google search engine. Some of these ads contain good offers you can use.  Moreover, Google shows customized ads based on what you are looking for, your search habits, geographic location, and many other factors. So there are good chances that the ad may be what you are looking for. For example, you can find good offers related to hosting or domain purchase as Google ads on the search results page when you search for “buy domain name” or “buy web hosting“.

Great Deals at Coupon Sites:

There are wide varieties of coupon sites which provide coupon codes or promo codes which provide great discounts on purchases. Go with the popular and trustworthy ones or else your internet privacy may be at threat with malware and spams. Many of the good ones you can find by a simple Google search, but some popular ones are:

  • GrabOn
  • CouponDunia
  • Couponzguru

Affiliate Links:

Affiliates are the people who promote particular products online and get a commission whenever someone buys the product using their link (called affiliate link). But, if not always, the affiliate links are also discounted links. Buying through that links may save you a few extra bucks. Check out for such websites or persons doing affiliate marketing. For example, if you want to start your own managed website from scratch at a low price then you can use my affiliate link of DigitalOcean. You get $50 bonus after sign up which can easily give you 10 months of free hosting.

YouTube Channels:

YouTube is also a great source to find the best deals online. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to that. You can also ask questions through the comments if you require offers related to a particular category of products. Also, there are YouTube channels which not only share online deals but local deals too.

 Through Reference:

Have you come across a situation where your friend suggested you visit a particular store to get products with more than normal discounts? You just visit the store, tell his name, and the shop owner generously reduces the price than the usual price. This mainly happens because of trust and for maintaining long term relationship with the customer. This also happens online. If the promoter consciously gives the reference and benefits from it, then he is an affiliate marketer, else it is just a reference.

Deals for Students:

If you are a student, then there are some sites which give good discounts on products to students, especially on educational products. Some of them give you free access after verifying your .edu email address. For example:
This GitHub Student Developer Pack for free (or)
Everything About Entrepreneurship for 50% discount than the normal price.

Find Best Deals Online Through Android Apps:

Android, android, and android everywhere. Many apps in the Google Play Store provide you with a good deal of info on best offers available online and offline. Apps like Paytm, GrabOn, Desidime, etc. are a few of those. Every brand like Swiggy, Uber, Ola, Flipkart, Myntra has their own app but there are also few standalone apps like Paytm Mall, GooglePay, PhonePay with no corresponding web version. Also, note that there are deals which appear only on the android apps and not on their corresponding websites (like the Amazon shopping app). Watch out for those too while finding best bargains.

The Shopaholic Friend:

Meet your shopaholic friend, always ready for shopping, his topmost priority. Just ask him. You can expect the unexpected.

Ask in Q&A Sites Like Quora:

Initially, Quora used to be very informative and but recently it has been spammed by low-quality content. Still, you can find much good info regarding various topics there, online shopping being one of those. Ask all sorts of questions on shopping and offers, and good brains are always there to help you out.

Individual Shopping sites:

Check all these options but don’t forget to visit the main online shopping website from where you want to shop like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ebay, Snapdeal, etc. They too advertise the offers much through banner ads and videos, especially during festivals and year-end sales. There are also not so popular online shopping sites like PaytmMall, Pepperfry (relatively popular but we often forget to search here) but are genuine and trustworthy. Keep eyes on them too.

Email Subscription:

Subscribe to a few good email services which deliver good online offers and discounts directly to your email box. Choose wisely else your email box can be spammed with unrelated and useless content.

Other Shopping Tips & Tricks:

  • Add a product in the wish list. Some report that it helps them getting better deals about that particular product through message or email after adding it in the wish list. Don’t know how exactly, but you can try to find.
  • Discounts on EMI on credit card, debit card and other modes of payment.
  • Don’t require a new product? Buy old and used products at a cheap price from Olx, Quikr, etc. especially products like books.
  • Search Google for these lines and you may further reduce the amount you pay while shopping online.
  • How to get free delivery on SHOPPING_SITE
  • Discounts on bulk orders of YOUR_PRODUCT

These are the few ideas which can always help you find the best deals online. All these sounds a lot, then just click on that buy button and make the payment and free yourself. 🙂 If I find something new, then definitely will update this post. So, bookmark this post and share it with your shopaholic friends!

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