Free Internet Privacy & Cyber Security Course

Do you want to learn ‘completely’ about Internet privacy and cyber-security? Do you want to stay anonymous while browsing the world wide web? Are you serious about protecting yourself online from evil intentions of hackers involved in identity theft, fraud, etc.? If yes, then today I’m going to share with you a resource where you can learn completely about Internet privacy and cyber-security.

Internet Privacy and Security Course

The CyberYozh Website:

Visit this link: The Free Internet Privacy & Cyber Security Course by the CyberYozh Security Group

This website is Russian based but the course is available in both the languages, Russian and English. Mostly text-based content is predominant but the in-depth knowledge over the topic is something that makes it stand out. Further, you get this pure knowledge without spending a single penny, it’s totally FREE.

After you go through this course, you will find out about many of your myths related to online privacy and security. Here are some of the salient topics which you will learn from this course:

  • Test your online privacy and security
  • Internet censorship
  • computer forensics
  • mass hacking of devices
  • virtual machines and operating systems
  • secure passwords and encryption
  • Identity theft
  • VPN
  • Malicious software
  • Cyber spying

These are only a few but the actual course is vast, in-depth and very practical. As the site is a mostly static one, you can download all the course content through site grabber (an option within Internet Download Manager) and read it offline. So, friends, do check out this course and after completing the course, you can always comment below how you felt taking the internet privacy course. If you know anything similar to this course, do all others know by commenting below. Next time we will meet with yet another interesting topic. Share it with your loved ones who may be interested in cyber-security and ethical hacking. This will help them a lot!

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