Top Shopping Sites and Deals in India

If you regularly shop online, you should know about the best shopping sites in India based on product delivery, prices, customer support and many other factors. But, to know about the best online shopping sites is not that easy for someone who just want started with online purchases. A best online shopping can be judged on some factors which are to be looked at while shopping online. A few basic of them are:

1. Quality and genuineness  of the product being sold.

2. Appropriate price of the product.

3. Delivery options of the product.

4. Better customer support.

5. Warranty and replacements related to products.

There may be many more but these are the basic ones. So, based on these let’s try to find few good online shopping sites in India.

Top Shopping Sites

1. Amazon

Amazon can be termed as best of all the shopping sites. It has delivery options to many places in India. Also majority of the items are shipped for free, no shipping and handling charges are involved. Further, it has good customer support and is quite user friendly. Amazon has become even more famous after its launch of Indian version of Amazon ( Best thing here is that the products are genuine and the prices are not altered. If you decided to shop at amazon, the first place you need to visit is the Amazon Daily Deals page. Amazon also has hourly deals, lightening deals, happy hours deals and much more.

2. Flipkart

Can be called the second leading site after amazon. There are many sellers associated with flipkart but WS Retail is the best. WS Retail has all the features and services like amazon. So, if the seller of your product is WS Retail then you can definitely buy it. Other sellers few services and often it is not fast and customer satisfactory. One bad thing about flipkart is the prices of the items are often altered. Price will be quite higher than the usual. For best deals related to flipkart, you can check the Offers Zone page of Flipkart.

3. Ebay

Ebay stands next in the list of online best shopping sites. The good thing about this site is that if you are unable to find a product you were searching for in amazon and flipkart, you can be sure to find it at ebay. Ebay has wide range of products. The products are genuine but often there are delivery charges associated with it. For best deals at Ebay, please have a look at Ebay deals page.

4. Paytm

Starting as a mobile and bills payment site, Paytm has emerged into an online shopping portal. The company is interested in making Paytm as India’s No. 1 shopping site and is actively implementing it. Still it has a long way to go to become a trusted company in India. Delivery options at Paytm is too late, often more than 2 weeks. Mostly not prefered to buy high price products. Log on to Paytm site and check out the available deals.

5. Shopclues and Homeshop18

These two sites are just okay. Better than many fake sites in India. Many things get worse with these two sites. Mostly proffered for buying products which have less cost or costly products available at cheap rates. Some of the products are even fake. So search for cheap deals at Shopclues and Homeshop18, and if you find worth buying (even if the product is not genuine) then you can go ahead and buy it.

See you all again. Next time with even more useful and interesting. 🙂

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