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Run C C++ Java Programs Without Computer

Not only these but you can also run Ruby, Pascal, PHP, Perl and many more. Wondering how is it possible? If you do not own a computer and you want to have a hand on these computer languages then surely you can’t hold your excitement to know how it can be done. Executing these programs is possible through online compilers. Yes, there are few websites which can compile and run your programming source code and display the output.

Learn C, C++, Java photo- techmilkyway.com

Best Online Compilers for Mobile Phones

There are many online compilers- compilr.com, compileonline.com, onlinecompiler.net to name a few. To know all of them you can make a google search as ‘list of best online compilers’. You will get quite a good list of them. But for mobile users, I have found two of them as the best ones. These two online compilers work in nearly any mobile phone with an internet connection. Thanks to these two online compilers that I have learned 50% of C programming! I too didn’t have a computer then, and I know how it feels to learn a programming language without even having a computer! Here are those two online compilers for the programming geeks.


This website, acting as an online compiler, is well known for its easy to use and understandable interface. Codepad is an online compiler/interpreter where you can run your code anytime within your mobile. Codepad supports C, C++, D, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP etc. You just need to write your code in the editor and click the submit button.

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You can also use this website to store plain texts and codes. Similar to an online notepad. Create an account by simple registration and then you can manage all your codes and plain texts. You are also given ease to share your codes with your friends or other programmers using simple links. You can also get suggestions on errors on your source code directly through the site as there is a comment box always below your code where any other codepad user can comment. (Sorry to say that in India codepad has been blocked. Still you can use it using proxies but it may not work on low end phones.)


This online compiler is slightly advanced than codepad. It supports more languages and also you can give inputs during runtime using stdin option. It supports languages like C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, VB.NET, SQL, COBOL, Perl and many more.

One thing mobile users should note. If you are unable to run your source code using the editor, make sure that the ‘syntax highlight‘ option is unchecked. If you are unable to find syntax highlight option then click on more options and it will be there right under editor. Also if you find any problem running your code in mobile version, you can always switch to desktop version.

Snapshot of ideone.com

Like codepad you can manage all your codes by registering an account. Apart from using email address you can also connect your facebook account to ideone.

Now it’s your turn. If you know any other online compiler which works well in mobile then you can always let me know using the comment box below. If you find it useful, utilize the social sharing buttons below to share it with your friends. And don’t forget to subscribe to my email newsletters and stay up-to-date.

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